China regulates tuition fees

“All localities must ensure that tutoring activities contribute to public welfare, and at the same time fully consider the impact of this activity on people’s lives…” – Reuters quote from the NDRC statement.

In a separate statement, China’s Ministry of Education asked for stricter management of teaching materials at tutoring institutions.

China regulates tuition fees for private lessons - Photo 1.

China tightens tutoring and tutoring activities to reduce the load on students aged 6-15 Photo: EPA-EFE

In July, China banned private tutoring schools for profit. All tutoring institutions based on the school curriculum must be registered as non-profit organizations, making many tutoring companies listed in Hong Kong (China) and New York (USA) such as Education Group. New Oriental Education and Technology, Koolearn Technology… saw stocks sell off.

The NDRC also asked the local government to supervise so that the salary of teachers in private tutoring institutions is not too high compared to that of public school teachers.

The new regulations mentioned above are aimed at reducing the academic pressure on students aged 6-15 as well as the economic burden on parents, with the deep goal of boosting the national birth rate.

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