China sent stealth fighters to the South China Sea

The Chinese airline said that the J-20 stealth fighter regularly flew patrols over the East and South China Seas.

“The J-20 switched to using the ‘heart of China’ and the fighter often participated in combat patrol training in the East China Sea and warning patrol in the South China Sea,” said Ren Yukun, a senior official of the Corporation. Aviation Industry of China (AVIC) said in a meeting on April 12 with the content announced today.

Combat patrols require pilots to be on high combat readiness, while warning patrols are primarily for surveillance and warning broadcasts.

“Heart of China” is a term used to refer to aircraft engines made in China. The first J-20s used Russia’s AL-31F and China’s WS-10B engines, which were designed for earlier fighters, which made the stealth aircraft unable to operate at full capacity and limited its ability to operate. maneuverability and stealth at subsonic speeds.

J-20 fighter jet performs at the Zhuhai air show, China in November 2018.  Photo: Reuters.

J-20 fighter jet performs at the Zhuhai air show, China in November 2018. Image: Reuters.

The AVIC official’s comment is the first time the Chinese side has confirmed that the J-20 has been deployed to the Southern Theater Command. Previously, the J-20 was assigned to China’s Eastern Theater Command, which is responsible for operations around Taiwan and the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands disputed with Japan.

The US Air Force commander in the Pacific, General Kenneth Wilsbach in March said that the country’s F-35 fighter had encountered the J-20 in the East China Sea, but did not disclose the specific time and location.

The J-20 has been developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation, a subsidiary of AVIC, since the 1990s. The fourth J-20 line was installed in 2019 and mass production began a year later. . Each line can produce one J-20 fighter per month.

The J-20 is said to have precision strike capabilities and operate in all weather conditions. The Chinese military has been in service with the J-20 since 2017.

China has not announced the specific number of J-20 fighters in service. An article in the journal Military Science Technology said that about 90 J-20s have been shipped, and that the Chinese military will need about 400-500 fighters of this type.

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