China shows off 11-barreled anti-aircraft artillery

China’s Norinco company introduced an 11-barreled anti-aircraft artillery model, developed from the Type-1130 defense complex on a battleship.

Video shown at the China Airshow rehearsal on September 27 in Zhuhai city shows a rotating 11-barreled anti-aircraft artillery system manufactured by the Norinco corporation. This complex has no name, developed from the Type-1130 close-in defense system (CWIZ) on the battleship, with 11 30 mm barrels.

Type-1130 is one of many types of CWIS on warships developed by China. Another line is the Type-730 with seven 30 mm barrels, while a 20-barrel rotating cannon complex is under development.

China shows off 11-barreled anti-aircraft artillery at air show

China’s 11-barreled rotating cannon in the video published on September 27. Video: Twitter / clemete3000.

Norinco previously developed the LD-2000 artillery complex on the basis of the Type-730 modification, which is responsible for destroying cruise missiles and guided bombs. It is not clear that the 11-barreled rotating army anti-aircraft artillery model that appeared in Zhuhai only destroys air-launched weapons and cruise missiles, or takes on a broader mission similar to the Rocket, Artillery and Ammunition Interceptor system. American mortar (C-RAM).

The specifications of the new army anti-aircraft artillery model are unknown, but the LD-2000 and Type-730 complexes can fire 4,000 rounds per minute with a maximum range of nearly three kilometers, often hitting targets in distance 1-1.5 km. The Type-1130 has a similar range, but has a rate of fire of up to 10,000 rounds per minute, providing greater destruction or better fire retention.

Type-1130 made its debut on the Liaoning aircraft carrier, a number of new Chinese warships have been fitted with this complex. The Type-1130 and Type-730 complexes help to establish the last line of defense for warships against anti-ship missiles or air targets that have penetrated previous layers of defense.

The US military has developed land-based air defense systems with components of the ship-based CWIS system, including the Vulcan Air Defense Artillery System (VADS) and the C-RAM using the similar M61 Vulcan 6-barreled 20 mm cannon. from the Phalanx system.

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