China stirred up because of the case of cousins ​​getting married

The female patient’s inability to get pregnant because of her marriage to a cousin sparked debate about inbreeding.

Chinese social media users are actively discussing the topic of inbreeding marriage after a video appeared of a doctor advising patients to find a sperm donor on June 1.

In the video, a doctor advises a female patient in Gansu province, northwest China, who has had four miscarriages and three failed IVF attempts. The doctor was surprised to learn that the husband was the son of the patient’s aunt and father’s sister.

“As far as I know, only uneducated people marry close relatives,” the doctor said. “Both you and your husband are university graduates, why do you still marry a close relative?”.

A doctor advises a patient to get married by inbreeding in Gansu province, China.  Photo: SCMP

A doctor advises a patient to get married by inbreeding in Gansu province, China. Image: SCMP

The woman looked embarrassed. The doctor continued: “Have you ever considered breaking up to find another suitable person?” The patient replied, “Then we’d rather have no children,” then explained that the couple’s relationship was very good.

Finally, the doctor suggested finding a sperm donor because that is the best way to have a healthy baby. “Yes, that’s right,” agreed the female patient, adding “both my husband and family agree on this option.”

Since ancient times, China has banned marriage between brothers of the same clan on the paternal side, that is, the children of two men who are brothers, but allowed marriages of different surnames, until the law forbade marriage. The current inbreeding was born in 1981.

However, one study found that inbreeding still exists despite the law, especially in mountainous and island areas due to underdeveloped transport networks. Many people on social networks are surprised to know that in modern times there are still cases of highly educated people getting married by blood.

“Why not study well before falling in love with close relatives?”, one commented.

“I’m not against this type of relationship, but I don’t think it’s advisable to have children because it’s disrespectful to children’s lives because of the high possibility of birth defects,” said another.

Hong Hanh (Theo SCMP)

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