China urges citizens not to go to Singapore

The Chinese Embassy in Singapore asked citizens not to go to the island country unless necessary due to concerns about Covid-19.

“Evaluating the current situation in Singapore, the embassy reiterates that cross-border movement during Covid-19 is very dangerous,” the Chinese embassy in Singapore issued a statement on September 13, adding that those who Homeowners who intend to visit the island nation should carefully review their plans.

The Chinese Embassy also noted that Singapore has recorded more than 500 nCoV infections per day for the past 4 days and this number could rise to thousands. Dozens of Chinese citizens in Singapore have been infected with nCoV, including tourists and short-term visitors to work or visit relatives.

Inside a Singapore Covid-19 test site in June. Photo: Reuters

A Singapore Covid-19 test site in June. Photo: Reuters

Mainland Chinese nationals can now enter Singapore without quarantine, but must be tested on arrival and have negative results.

Chinese health experts suggest that the recent Covid-19 outbreak in Fujian province may have been linked to a person returning from Singapore. Chinese media said this person’s surname is “Lin”, the name “Ket”, leading many people to speculate that it could be Singaporean singer Lam Tuan Kiet. However, this singer on September 10 posted on Weibo a photo taken in Singapore, implicitly denying that he was the mentioned infection.

Singapore has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world with about 81% of the population having received two doses. However, this country is facing a spike in new nCoV infections, although the number of hospitalizations and hospitalizations in the ICU remains relatively stable. Singapore currently records more than 72,200 infections and 58 deaths.

Singapore officials last month said a blockade was not necessary, but the country also did not rule out tightening restrictions due to concerns about an overloaded health care system. Singapore officials will closely monitor developments in the coming weeks before the resumption of economic and social activities.

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