China’s first mRNA vaccine tested 95% effective

China's first mRNA vaccine tested with 95% efficiency - Photo 1.

A booster dose in Wuhan, China – Photo: REUTERS

China’s first mRNA vaccine, called ARCoV, was jointly developed by the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Suzhou Abogen Company and Walvax Institute of Biotechnology.

According to the newspaper Caixin, phase 1 clinical trial of ARCoV performed at Shulan hospital in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, aimed at preliminary evaluation of safety, tolerability and immunogenicity.

From October 30, 2020 to December 2, 2020, 120 healthy adults aged 18 to 59 years old participated in the trial.

Subjects were divided into groups receiving varying doses of vaccine, ranging from 5 micrograms (mcg) to 25 mcg. These subjects received 2 doses of the vaccine 28 days apart.

Antibodies were identified in 80% to 95% of people receiving 2 doses, based on the number of doses of vaccine injected into the body. 95% of people who injected 20 mcg had antibodies.

People who inject them experience no side effects, but most have mild reactions. 70% of people who injected 15 mcg had pain at the injection site and 90% had a fever.

The mRNA technology vaccine has proven to be more effective than the conventional vaccine, and is one of the most used COVID-19 vaccines in the world.

Currently, there are two types of mRNA vaccines in common use globally: Pfizer and Moderna. China has not yet approved any mRNA vaccines.

In December 2021, China inaugurated an ARCoV production facility in Yunnan province with a capacity of 120 million doses in the first year.

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