China’s new outbreak hit a record

The outbreak in Fujian province recorded 61 more nCoV cases, the highest increase since the outbreak, forcing authorities to strengthen epidemic control measures.

Health officials in Fujian province today said 31 more cases were recorded in Xiamen city, 28 cases in Putian and one case in Quanzhou. The city of Cangzhou, bordering Xiamen, also reported its first case linked to the Delta mutation outbreak discovered in Putian a week ago.

The new figures bring the total number of infections in the outbreak in Fujian to 270 and no deaths. Yunnan province, about 2,000 kilometers southwest of Fujian, also recorded a case on September 15.

People in Xiamen city, Fujian province, China were sampled for Covid-19 testing on September 14.  Photo: AFP.

People in Xiamen city, Fujian province, China were sampled for Covid-19 testing on September 14. Photo: AFP.

The local government has tightened restrictions on people’s travel before the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, which begins on September 19, followed by a one-week national day holiday starting from October 1. People are prohibited from leaving Dong’an district, Xiamen, where a series of infections has been recorded.

Officials in Quan Cang and Quanzhou districts have taken similar measures, banning people from leaving the area without permission and restricting movement in the area.

Some train and bus lines within the province and intercity were also suspended, while officials continued to conduct widespread testing.

China’s National Health Commission on September 16 stressed that travelers around the country should reduce non-essential outings during the holiday, and noted that any local epidemic prevention and control policies could be imposed. use at their destination. Dinner parties of more than 10 people in public places are discouraged and trips to medium and high risk areas must be cancelled.

Tourist attractions around the country are also advised to limit the number of people entering, strictly implement temperature measurement and scan the health code application. Similar recommendations have been made by China throughout the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Fujian authorities still face great pressure to control the outbreak, as about 30,000 people are believed to have left Putian between August 26 and September 10. Authorities are closely tracing and conducting extensive testing of those who left the outbreak before the travel restrictions were announced.

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