‘China’s Nobel Prize’ awarded to 3 scientists, 1 million USD each

China's Nobel Prize awarded to 3 scientists, 1 million USD each - Photo 1.

Three scientists have just been awarded the Future Science Prize 2022 – Photo: FUTUREPRIZE.ORG

Theo Global Timeson August 21, the Future Science Prize 2022 – a scientific title established by a group of Chinese scientists and businessmen and dubbed “China’s Nobel Prize” – was awarded to 3 Chinese scholars for their achievements in scientific research.

Accordingly, the Life Science Prize, the Physics Prize, the Mathematics Prize and the Computer Science Prize were respectively awarded to scientists Ly Van Huy (Li Wen Hui), Duong Hoc Minh (Yang Xue Ming). and Mac Nghi Minh (Mok Ngai Ming). Each won 1 million USD.

Mr. Li Wenhui, a senior research fellow at the National Institute of Biological Sciences of China and a professor at Tsinghua University, was awarded for his discovery of the sodium taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide (sodium taurocholate cotransporting). polypeptide) – a functional receptor for human hepatitis B and D virus infections, helping to develop more effective drugs against this virus.

And scientist Duong Hoc Minh was awarded the Physics Prize for developing a new cross-molecular-beam device, making a breakthrough in the phenomenon of quantum resonance and geometric phase effects in reactions. chemical reaction.

The winner of the Mathematics and Computer Science Prize is Mr. Mac Nghi Minh from the University of Hong Kong. Mac created a theory to solve a series of conjectures in the field of algebraic geometry.

The Future Science Prize, established in 2016, to recognize scientific breakthroughs and innovations in China, is awarded to scientists in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Loan. To date, 27 scientists have been awarded the prize, according to Xinhua.

Chinese researchers believe that the selection and awarding of such scientists will play a positive role in encouraging innovation in basic science in China and igniting scientific enthusiasm in the world. young.

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