China’s strict regulations to protect the Olympics during the epidemic season

China's strict regulations to protect the Olympics during the epidemic season - Photo 1.

Winter Olympic Village in Beijing inside the “medical bubble” – Photo: AFP

According to the newspaper South China Morning PostBeijing’s request comes as the city government is tightening regulations to prepare for the Olympics next month.

On January 9, the Beijing Traffic Administration announced that all people who had a collision with individuals related to the organization of the Olympic Games should not ask drivers and passengers to get off the bus. Instead, they had to wait for the special forces to arrive on the scene.

Starting January 4, thousands of staff, volunteers, sanitation workers, chefs and drivers involved in the Olympic organization are not allowed to leave the “medical bubble” area, and no direct contact with people outside this “bubble” for weeks.

Reporters and about 3,000 athletes are expected to travel to Beijing, China in the next few weeks.

They will be in the “bubble” from the time they land until they leave China. Anyone entering the area must be fully vaccinated, or must self-isolate for 21 days from arrival in China.

“In order to effectively prevent the risk of epidemics, Olympic participants from abroad and domestic security personnel will be managed under a completely closed process,” Beijing police said.

Local authorities also urged people to give way to vehicles with Olympic logos, as well as keep a distance if these vehicles have an accident.

In December 2021, the Chinese Olympic Committee announced the special lanes for vehicles of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, effective from January 21 to March 16.

China currently applies strict epidemic prevention measures for the two Olympics above. People in the “bubble” will be tested daily and must wear masks at all times.

China also banned foreign spectators from coming and urged attendees not to shout to cheer on the athletes.


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