“Chinese dolls” swept social media from a young age showing off the appearance of a girl at the age of 12, billions of billions of fairy aura made fans admire

Asian fans are probably not too familiar with the name Liu So Diem, a girl with a beautiful face like an angel and often appears in many Chinese film projects.

At the age of 5, when he appeared in the movie “My Nguyet Truyen”, Luu So Diem immediately created a strong fever on Asian social networks, everyone stood still in front of the pure and holy appearance of the actor. The young staff and fondly called her “the future beauty of the world”, “Chinese doll” … So Diem is expected to grow up to be one of the “billion billion billion” successors to many Chinese flowers. China in the present.

Liu Chu Tian is known as a Chinese doll

Not only beautiful and photogenic, Luu So Diem is also commented and appreciated by directors for his acting skills, flexible and natural expressions in front of the camera. Therefore, Chinese dolls immediately caught the eye of many directors and quickly received invitations from new film projects. Although she is only at primary school age, she has pocketed many famous movies and received a huge income. Everyone is full of praise, with such talent and excellent appearance, there is no doubt that Liu So Diem was definitely born to be a celebrity.

The child actor has a beautiful face like an angel, making many people fall in love

On September 5, Luu So Diem doll celebrated her 12th birthday. Her mother posted a photo showing the moment her daughter is blowing out candles on the occasion of turning a very cozy new age. It can be seen that, at the age of 12, Luu So Diem still retains his inherent delicate and beautiful lines. Fans are happy because the young beauties seem to be having great success in puberty, promising to have another screen star in the future.

Liu So Diem celebrated his 12th birthday on September 5

Liu Chutian currently attends a junior high school in Fujian. Her mother said that she did not let her child participate in many film and television projects but forgot to study. Sometimes, she just acted in movies, took photos of magazines and acted in TVC. However, the hotness and charm of Chinese dolls has never decreased because of that. The girl’s Weibo page, surnamed Liu, currently has 3.6 million followers, showing that the audience has never stopped being mesmerized by the child actor’s fairy aura.

Luu So Diem’s ​​sweet beauty at a young age

Because they love the pure beauty of Luu So Diem, the audience even suggested that she “don’t have plastic surgery”. With her current popularity, her future is certain Liu So Diem will achieve even more success.

Close and lovely image of the child actor when going to school

Source: Sohu, Weibo

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