Chinese Foreign Minister criticizes US, defends North Korea in South Korea

Chinese Foreign Minister criticized the US, defended North Korea right in South Korea - Photo 1.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi (left) and South Korean Foreign Minister Chung Eui Yong – Photo: YONHAP

According to weekly newspaper Nikkei AsiaMr. Vuong answered the press after meeting with his Korean counterpart – Mr. Chung Eui Yong on September 15.

At the press conference, a reporter asked the Chinese foreign minister what he thought about the possibility of South Korea joining the Five Eyes as outlined in the bill in the US.

In response, Mr. Wang declared the alliance “totally a product of the cold war and outdated”.

Currently, the members of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance include the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The bill in the US proposes that the government consider “expanding intelligence-sharing networks with South Korea, Japan, India and Germany”.

Before coming to Korea, Mr. Vuong visited Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore. His trip takes place in the context of the US and China are competing for influence in this region.

Follow Nikkei AsiaMr. Wang and Mr. Chung discussed various issues, including North Korea’s nuclear program.

North Korea fired two unidentified ballistic missiles from a launch pad located deep inland into the Sea of ​​Japan while Mr. Wang was in Seoul.

The United States and Japan later voiced criticism, saying that North Korea’s missile test threatened stability in the region. South Korea said it was looking into the matter.

Talking about the above event, the Chinese foreign minister said that North Korea is not the only country with military moves. “We should all work towards the resumption of talks,” Wang said.


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