Chinese newspaper criticizes beauty ads

People’s Daily said that it is “urgent and urgent” to adjust the beauty ads rushing, when they become rampant, even untrue.

“From posters at bus stops and subway stations, to referrals on social networking sites or content platforms, from advertisements embedded in movies and TV variety shows, To promote from live streamers, cosmetic medical advertising is rampant,” People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, posted in an editorial on September 14.

A patient waits for double eyelid surgery, a method to create eyelid creases to make the eyes look bigger, a plastic surgery hospital in Shanghai, China 2007. Photo: Reuters.

A patient waits for “double eyelid surgery”, a method to create eyelid creases to make the eyes look bigger, at a beauty salon in Shanghai, China 2007. Photo: Reuters.

According to the article, some ads associate good looks with “high quality”, “industriousness” and “success”, fabricate stories about “destiny-changing plastic surgery” and misrepresent perceptions. Beauty.

Criticism of the sector comes as Chinese regulators tighten wide-ranging reforms to industries ranging from technology and education to property rights to strengthen economic and social control after years of political turmoil. year of continuous growth.

China’s market regulator last month drafted guidelines to regulate cosmetic medical advertising, saying they are making society worry about people’s appearance.

The demand for plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures has exploded in China in recent years. Surgery to make the eyes bigger or the nose taller are the most common. However, the plastic surgery industry has been criticized for not warning people of the risks.

In July, a 33-year-old Chinese social media influencer died of complications after undergoing liposuction.

The plastic surgery market in China is expected to grow to 300 billion yuan ($46.54 billion) by 2022, Xinhua news agency reported last month, citing a report by the China Society of Plastic and Aesthetics.

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