Chinese parents climb fences to watch their children study

Video recorded outside a primary school in Beijing shows parents peering through the fence or climbing up to watch their children learn.

Parents are often quite worried about their children going to school every day, especially for first graders. To get a sense of how their child’s first day of school was, parents of a Beijing primary school lined up along the school’s fence last weekend.

Chinese parents climb fences to watch their children study

Parents climb the fence outside an elementary school in Beijing, China on September 1 to watch their children study. Video: Newsflare.

Some people squatted, peering through the gap under the fence, while others climbed up the fence to get a better look at their children.

Their actions made many social network users feel excited. “Maybe it’s not that they’re worried. They just want to see how their children behave without their parents around,” one person commented.

“This is understandable, but children will soon get used to school after a few days. They can adapt quickly because each child is special,” another said.

“I guess I’m not a good mother. I left immediately after my children entered the school,” one woman shared.

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