Chinese scholar caused a storm: ‘Married for love, not for… parents’

Chinese academics storm the internet: Marry for love, not for... parents - Photo 1.

“Love is the only thing in history that can’t happen under pressure” – Professor Liang Yongan – Photo: SCMP

Professor Liang Yongan, 67 years old, is a literary scholar at Fudan University. He is quite famous on social networks Bilibili (nearly half a million followers) thanks to posting dozens of videos for candid, practical advice on love and relationships for young people.

One of those videos addresses the anxiety and insecurities of single people when being urged by their families and clans to date or get married.

“Parents want to find happiness for you, but they are actually digging holes for you to jump in. Look at the high divorce rate (in China),” Professor Liang explained in The video has had 4.3 million views.

The U70 scholar emphasized that finding true love is more important than marrying someone to please others.

“Love is the only thing in history that can’t happen under pressure. We should be grateful to our parents for their upbringing. We should understand their worries, but we need to protect its importance. importance of love in marriage” – he advised.

Chinese academics storm the internet: Marry for love, not for... parents - Photo 2.

The high cost of building a family is one of many reasons preventing young people from intending to get married – Photo: SCMP

According to the newspaper South China Morning Post, China’s 2018 Statistical Yearbook records that the country has 240 million single people over the age of 15, including 215 million who have never been married and 23 million who are divorced.

Contrary to the negative view, Professor Liang believes that the high percentage of single population is a symbol of social progress. He said when he heard a Shanghai official say the average age of marriage in Jinshan district is 35, he felt… happy.

“A young person in a big city can live happily alone. He or she can travel, listen to concerts… The price of giving up the single life is very high, therefore you guys. should find someone who is worthy of love, then you can live a better life than the single life you have,” explained Professor Liang.

In modern society, finding a life partner is difficult for many reasons, from not having time to date, to the high cost of living such as buying a house or raising children. Professor Liang said that people “calculate too much” when looking for love.

“I’ve always believed that love happens at first sight. You like the person, that’s enough. But sometimes some of us waste years wondering whether to love or marry someone… It is becoming more and more difficult for two people to fall in love partly because men are not used to the strong and independent modern female model,” he said.

Professor’s point of view Liang Yongan attracted many appreciative comments from Chinese netizens, with some calling him “romantic” and “deep”.

“What Mr. Liang said is more useful than the theory of psychology,” – one young person wrote.

Wanting to get married and have children is not easy

Chinese President Xi Jinping is stepping up efforts to encourage people to have more children. A dwindling workforce and rising social spending have raised concerns that China’s economic growth could slow, making it difficult to compete with other nations.

However, financial constraints, the rising cost of living and education have actually weighed heavily on China’s campaign to contain the demographic crisis.

More than 40 years ago, China introduced the one-child policy to tackle overpopulation and alleviate poverty. But as the population ages, Beijing begins to… panic.

China’s birth rate in 2020 is down nearly 15% year-on-year. NS Experts commented that simply informing people that they are allowed to have more children is not enough to motivate them to follow.


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