Chinese teacher creates positions for all students in class

Besides the traditional positions of the school such as class president, academic vice class or sports vice class, the teacher created the position of light ambassador, director of furniture, director of water purifier, director of corridors. … corresponds to the student’s responsibility to maintain classroom furniture and maintain general hygiene.

The positions on the list also include book administrator, flower administrator, front door administrator, and back door administrator.

53 positions are available to 51 students in the class and will be decided by the students themselves by voting. The names of the school and the teacher were not disclosed.

Chinese teachers create positions for all students in the class - Photo 1.

Cleaning jobs are also given names to encourage competition. (Photo: SCMP)

The job listing was shared online by a parent surnamed Chen earlier this month, after the teacher announced that the whole class could apply for the desired position. Chen joked that his son is suffering from “obsessive choice disorder” when so many attractive roles are offered.

Last semester her son was the group leader, responsible for overseeing the memorization of passages by his classmates. The boy’s initial goal this semester is to apply for a higher position, helping more friends.

But now the teacher offers a lot of positions to compete with. Every time his mother asked him what role he wanted to take on, he changed his answer. Yesterday she wanted to be the director of a water purifier, today she wants to be the vice-class of discipline,” said Chen.

Chen insists she appreciates teachers’ efforts in creating tasks for students. Every child is involved and has the opportunity to vote, so this activity can cultivate their sense of collective identity.

This special title listing has made a splash on mainland China’s social media, enthusiastically shared by parents to encourage the “child class cadres”.

My daughter is responsible for cleaning the blackboard. It’s a position that many kids keep an eye on and she won the election”, one person wrote on Weibo.

My child has been appointed as a light ambassador. I know that’s the position for the person who specializes in turning on the classroom lights”, shared another.

While some criticized the teacher in the story for encouraging the mindset of pursuing pretentious titles, most argued that this was a creative way to teach students about responsibility and diligence.

Every child has different gifts and abilities. If assigned to different roles, their abilities can be noticed by more people. This helps build students’ confidence and heightens their desire to improve every daysheet Worker’s Daily wrote in a recent editorial about this story.

Source: SCMP

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