Chinese warship reaches the US coast of Alaska

Chinese warship reaches the US coast of Alaska - Photo 1.

The US Coast Guard said it had detected a group of Chinese warships off the coast of Alaska late last month – Photo: US COAST GUARD

September 14, newspaper South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that the US Coast Guard had detected Chinese warships appearing off the coast of Alaska, northwest of the US. The incident happened late last month and the photos were taken by the US Coast Guard.

Photos posted by the Pentagon’s Defense Imaging Information Distribution Service (DVIDS) show that four Chinese warships, including an advanced destroyer, appeared in international waters near the archipelago. Aleut on August 29 and August 30. Two US coast guard ships tracked these four military ships.

According to the description of the photos, the American and Chinese ships had “safe and professional” interactions, and their communications were in line with international standards, including the Code of Conduct. Unintentional collision at sea (CUES) – a legally optional agreement to prevent encounters at sea.

The Chinese military ships have been identified as Type 055 destroyers, Type 052D destroyers, Type 815 reconnaissance ships and Type 903 logistics ships. SCMP, Type 055 is the world’s second most powerful destroyer. China put into service three Type 055s last year.

However, newspaper SCMP said the photos were posted on September 13 but were taken down after only a few hours for unknown reasons.

This is not the first time Chinese military ships have appeared in the waters off the US state of Alaska. In 2015, five Chinese naval vessels appeared in the Bering Sea, off the coast of Alaska.

Song Zhong Ping – a military commentator in Hong Kong – said that the activity of Chinese warships off the coast of Alaska recently was part of the Chinese military’s ambition to build “blue sea navy”.

“Now China has the ability to conduct operations in distant seas regularly. The Chinese navy needs to go further, especially as it is building up a strategic navy,” Song said. essay.

The Chinese Ministry of National Defense has not commented on the information of the US Coast Guard.

Meanwhile, the sheet Global Times (China) quoted “Chinese analysts” as saying that the activities of the Chinese group of ships could be seen as a countermeasure against “military provocations in the name of freedom of navigation”. ” of the United States in areas considered China’s doorstep.


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