Chinese workers were surprised by the outbreak in the factory

Workers in the factory in Xiamen do not believe that Covid-19 will break out at the factory, because they are all wearing masks and staying at least one meter apart.

Xiamen, a popular tourist city in Fujian province with a population of 5.6 million, recorded 12 new infections and one asymptomatic case on September 14, when an outbreak related to the Delta mutation in the province This continues to spread.

Most of the infections in Xiamen are linked to the Chenming handicraft company, where the outbreak broke out after a worker went out to the neighboring city of Putian and returned to work after six days.

People in Tien Du district, Putian city, Fujian province, tested for Covid-19 on September 13.  Photo: AFP.

People in Tien Du district, Putian city, Fujian province, tested for Covid-19 on September 13. Photo: AFP.

Wang, an employee of Chenming Handicraft Company, said the infected people all work in the same workshop at the factory with 300 employees. He said everyone was surprised when the epidemic broke out at the factory, because all workers wore masks and maintained a distance of at least one meter.

“It’s possible that this virus is very contagious,” Wang said while isolated in a hotel.

The Delta mutation outbreak in Fujian continued to increase with 51 infections recorded on September 14, bringing the total number of nCoV cases in this outbreak to 165 after a week. Officials predict a “big, tough and difficult battle” is ahead.

Putian was the first place to record the infection and continued to detect 33 other cases on September 14. To deal with the outbreak, Putian officials banned people from leaving the city and conducted extensive testing. The virus has also spread to the neighboring city of Quanzhou, where five infections were recorded on September 14.

The Fujian outbreak broke out just days before two major Chinese holidays, the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in early October, when hundreds of millions of people are expected to travel across the country.

A team of experts from the National Health Commission said last week that 30,000 people had left Putian to other places before the outbreak, but they believe it can be controlled before the National Day holiday.

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