Cities in China reward more than $1,500 for F0s to voluntarily test for COVID-19

City in China rewards more than 1,500 USD for F0 to voluntarily test for COVID-19 - Photo 1.

Testing for COVID-19 in Harbin city, China – Photo: Xinhua News Agency

According to the sheet Beijing News, this is a new plan of the Harbin government to reward people who voluntarily go for testing when showing symptoms of illness.

“We recommend that people pay attention to news about places where COVID-19 positive cases are appearing. If you have COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, loss of smell. sensation or taste, muscle pain or diarrhea, please do not self-medicate. Wear a mask and go to the nearest clinic, declare your travel history and those with whom you have been in contact,” the notice said. dated December 4 of the Harbin government mentioned.

“If you voluntarily go to the clinic after showing symptoms and reporting, those who are positive for COVID-19 will be rewarded with 10,000 yuan (about 1,570 USD),” the notice added.

According to the sheet Insider, Harbin city, capital of Heilongjiang province, has continuously recorded less than 10 cases of COVID-19 / day in the past week.

On December 5, the city recorded 7 new cases in 24 hours. However, these cases were not rewarded because they were found to have COVID-19 through routine screening and contact tracing.

On December 5, China’s National Health Commission recorded 61 more cases in 24 hours in 31 provinces in the country, bringing the total number of cases nationwide from the beginning of the epidemic to more than 99,200 cases, including 4,636 cases. death from COVID-19.


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