Cleaning out old bookcases, young people discovered an unbelievable shocking secret in their home, 5 million viewers immediately asked the address they wanted to see

Freddy Gooddall, a 23-year-old man in the UK, recently posted a mysterious TikTok series of “house cleaning” and quickly became viral, attracting more than 5 million views and hundreds of thousands of admiring comments from netizens.

Freddy said that since he was born, his family has lived in the 500-year-old ancient mansion of the family. Once I accidentally Review the photo album of the mansion from a few hundred years ago. In the reading room, Freddy realized that there used to be a door in the middle of the room, but now it was completely gone.

Compared to the old photo, in the area with the door is now a row of large bookshelves

Curious, Freddy and his family decided to clean up the old bookcase that had been left untouched for a long time. When touching the wood panel on the bottom floor, people feel that there is a “wrong” point when tapping and hearing the echo. So, Freddy took out the drill to punch the cabinet and the scene behind made the family extremely stunned. Behind the bookcase is a secret passage, with a wooden staircase leading down.

Behind the bookcase is a secret passage like in the movie

When going down, Freddy discovered an extremely large basement. Not only that, this basement also leads to a series of corridors and secret rooms in the villa. The inside of the rooms was dusty with time, but there were still many objects from hundreds of years ago.

The small path from the bookcase leads to a large underground world

Large space inside the basement

Freddy’s family believes that this was the basement room system for the family’s servants in the early 20th century. People have found many old books and papers from several hundred years ago in the piles. dilapidated. There are even small shortcuts in the basement that are speculated to have been dug by the servants themselves to move without the owner’s knowledge.

Many ancient objects, books, and letters were found in the rooms

After fully uncovering the secret, Freddy and his parents decided to leave the basement in its original state and would not renovate it for use because of uncertainty about safety after hundreds of years. Besides, they also want to keep the historical value of the villa.

The unbelievable secret behind Freddy’s bookcase has made viewers extremely admiring, even many people want to go to the place to discover for themselves once.

“I watched the video and found it a bit creepy and exciting at the same time”

“Looks like the usual plot in detective movies”

“If it were me, I would call the police because this is really the perfect place for murderers to hide bodies.”

Source: The Sun

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