CLIP: Details of the testimony of the suspect who locked a 3.5-year-old boy in the freezer

The Criminal Police Department, Ha Nam Provincial Police said that it is continuing to investigate and consolidate the file of handling the suspect in the case of a 3-year-old boy being abused, locked in a freezer that happened in Nhan commune. Chinh, Ly Nhan district.

As reported, at about 3:20 pm on August 13, 2022, NHĐ’s grandchild (SN 2019, living in Nhan Chinh commune, Ly Nhan district) came to play at the milk tea shop “KAY” (the store that Giang rented next to the customer). D.’s house). The process at the shop, grandson D. asked many questions, leading to Giang getting angry, he hit D’s head with a pestle, then strangled him with an umbrella string and hit his head with his hand. down to the floor to make grandson D. fainting.

Do think you D. died, so Giang placed his grandson D. into a carton and put in the shop’s insulation cabinet. The subject then placed the milk tea box lid stamping machine on the lid of the insulated cabinet, locked the door of the shop, and fled the scene…

At nearly 18:00 on the same day, suspecting that Giang’s milk tea shop had abnormal symptoms, his family D. Break the door to the shop to find and discover D. was hidden in the wardrobe and took him to the emergency room in time.

It is known that the current health of D. stable, can be discharged this afternoon (August 15). However, the doctor said that after the incident, the child’s psychology may be affected. This issue needs to be monitored and evaluated further.

After receiving information about the case, the leadership of Ha Nam Provincial Police directed professional units to focus on investigating, zoning and tracking quickly, so only after 8 hours after committing the crime, the suspect was arrested while hiding in Hanoi and ordered to be detained by the police for investigation of murder.

Talking to PV, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Cuong – Deputy Head of the Criminal Police Department, Ha Nam Public Security assessed that, through the above incident, the police agency recommended to the people, especially families with children, Teenage children must be vigilant, regularly monitored and supervised, and do not let children play alone. Teach children basic knowledge and skills to prevent abuse. At the same time, strengthen the propaganda and mobilization of families and people in the community about policies and laws related to children’s rights. Caring for the comprehensive development of children in terms of health and nutrition. Create healthy playground conditions for children.

Currently, the Investigation Police Department of Ha Nam Provincial Police is continuing to investigate and handle in accordance with the law.

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