Clip: The groom enthusiastically embraces his ex-lover at the wedding, leaving the bride’s family and guests not knowing what to do

Recently, a wedding in Indonesia has made the country’s social media fed up with the groom’s too low-key action right at the ceremony.

The incident took place on September 11 when a wedding was held in Sulawesi province. It is known that in this ceremony, the groom invited his ex-girlfriend to the wedding to celebrate with everyone.

Clip of the groom embracing his ex-girlfriend right at the wedding

Her ex-lover also expressed her goodwill when she came to participate, she even went on stage to sing a song to bless the newlywed couple.

However, when this former lover was standing and singing passionately on the stage, the groom in a traditional blue wedding dress immediately abandoned the bride and rushed up to the stage to stand with the other. As soon as he approached his ex-girlfriend, the groom removed her mic, hugged her tightly and then… hugged and kissed her as if it were his wife!

Let me be a little closer to you…

The guests were equally stunned, some quickly moving to separate the two. However, the groom still refused to let go, resulting in both sides pushing him to the ground.

After only 2 days of posting on Instagram, the video has attracted more than 420 thousand views and more than 2 thousand comments.

Immediately, the incident made many people angry and thought that the groom’s actions were unacceptable.

Source: India Times

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