Cloud Song VNG officially launched in Vietnam and Southeast Asia

Also on this occasion, the publisher VNGGames implemented many special events to support players to experience the game most smoothly. Just log into the game for 7 days, players will immediately receive Pet SSR and rare Red Equipment. Previously, the game’s Early Registration event surpassed 1 million participants, which means that each gamer will receive 1 “smart” Corgi mount and ingame items such as: 50,000 EXP Pet, 150 Diamond Lock, 1 Pet SR Phong Linh, 2 Prophecy Stones and 3 Hymn Wind Chimes.

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Cloud Song VNG is a 3D mobile MMORPG reincarnating fantasy world developed by Shiyue and published exclusively by VNGGames in Vietnam and a number of countries in Southeast Asia such as: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. . Possessing bright chibi graphics, setting the scene in an ancient European style, every detail in the game is carefully invested.

With a diverse map system, Cloud Song VNG has created a magical city in the clouds: a magnificent and magnificent citadel; Spectacular, lively landscape. Developing sharp 3D graphics, but Cloud Song VNG is considered extremely friendly with mobile devices when basic configuration is required. As long as the player owns a smartphone running iOS 7.0 or Android from 5.5 or higher, with at least 2GB of free space, the game can be played smoothly.

Diversity of occupations, flexible Job Transfer feature

Before entering the game, players will be free to choose to reincarnate into one of 5 Occupations (character classes) including: Swordsman, Archer, Assassin, Wizard and Mage. When reaching a certain level, each class will have 2 Job Branches corresponding to separate skills.

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Not only that, the game also allows players to adjust their appearance according to their preferences from: generous ponytail, amorous eyes, cold male god, lovely girl… combined with the fashion system variety of styles from different cultures. The fashion in Cloud Song VNG not only helps to highlight the personal battle, let gamers freely express their personality, but also supports adding points to level up, significantly increasing the combat power of the character.

The mighty Pet army, the ultimate support

Pet is one of the features that makes Cloud Song VNG unique and different. Because not only the companions of the character, Pet also directly participates in the battle. Each Pet has unique skills and effects, allowing you to use your favorite combos, change tactics and win battles.

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Players can comfortably summon from a massive collection with hundreds of adorable Pets. Then, choose the most powerful Pets to form a sortie, including: 3 combat assistants, directly participating in the match; and 6 supports to increase character stats respectively: HP, Attack, Defense and Tri Luc. The initial strengthening system will focus 70% on Pets. Therefore, this will hide the number for each clash in the game, and also show the player’s ability to “control soldiers”, tactics.

Diverse gameplay, cross-country battlefields up to 60vs60

Cloud Song VNG owns a simple and light gameplay that any player can join. The point that makes Cloud Song VNG unique is the integration of many typical gameplay of other game series on the inherent role-playing genre.

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Besides the typical feature system of the MMORPG series, players are also free to battle the MOBA map with the 5vs5 Guild War with Towers and Main Buildings; experience the Battle Royale series – Survive with the Champion of War; experience real-time PvP feature Star Wars Battle, compete with international friends Cross World with a “huge” number of participants up to 60vs60. And if the player loves the lightness, the minigame system such as: Chicken Racing, Jigsaw Puzzles, Rocks-paper-scissors, Farm… or traveling four pools, visiting beautiful scenery will be activities not to be missed.

Comfortably plow hoes: Get free items, spin gacha to win “genuine” Pet

With Cloud Song VNG, as long as you work hard, the opportunity to get rich is within reach. Players can receive free Diamonds when completing tasks, random gifts when participating in Duplicates, recruiting Pets or assessing Equipment… Even if the god of luck “customs”, the player also can own rare items with 1-0-2. In addition, the element of luck is also reflected in the features of Enhancement of Equipment, grafting and upgrading of Gems…

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Titles in the game are also divided into 4 groups including: Strength, Gameplay, Social and Event corresponding to the activities or requirements of the mission. There are a total of 47 Titles in Cloud Song VNG, including 1 Purple title. Successfully activating these titles also helps to increase combat power and strengthen the character.

Focus on interactive features, unlimited connections

Social page in the game, where players are free to post pictures, write statuses, interact with international friends through liking and sharing. The voice chat feature makes the conversation more interesting, comfortable chatting with the guild brothers, conveying words of love to that person. Dating romantic marriage, chance to find true love. The Gia Gia system allows you to freely decorate, express your creativity and build the house of your dreams. Experience a peaceful farming life in a large new world… All of the above features are intended to create a space for players to freely interact and interact without encountering any obstacles. geographically and culturally.

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The door to the magical world of Cloud Song VNG has opened, are you ready to be reincarnated as Skywalker adventurers, starting this exciting journey of adventure and discovery?


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