Coach Nishigaya put Van Quyet ‘in the clouds’ after Vietnam’s 4-0 match against Singapore

After a long absence, Van Quyet marked his return to Vietnam by scoring the opening goal in a 4-0 victory over Singapore in the “three heroes” tournament on Thong Nhat Stadium.

Coach Park Hang Seo assessed that Van Quyet’s opening goal was the turning point of the match: “Today, we have many young players and are playing for the national team for the first time. So at first I expected it to be not an easy match. Thanks to Van Quyet’s opening goal in the first half, the spirit of Vietnam Tel went up.

Van Quyet also proved to everyone that if a player plays well in the V-League, even though he is old, he still has a chance in Vietnam Tel. Overall about this match, I am satisfied with the result of winning 4-0 and having the opportunity to fully evaluate the capabilities of the players.”

Coach Nishigaya brought Van Quyet to the green clouds after the match between Vietnam and Singapore 4-0 - Photo 1.

Van Quyet has a wide range of activities and contributed 1 goal for Vietnam Tel against Singapore Tel. (Photo: Hoai Thuong)

However, coach Park Hang Seo refused to give specific comments on Van Quyet’s performance in front of the Singapore team. The Korean leader said that it is unreasonable to praise or criticize a player in front of the media.

“I think it’s not right to appreciate or underestimate a player. We know that if we win, it is the success of the team, and if we lose, the responsibility lies with the coach. In the past time, Van Quyet has played well in the V-League and today he has achieved his goal,” said Coach Park Hang Seo.

On the other side of the front line, coach Takayuki Nishigaya of Singapore team highly appreciated what Van Quyet showed on Thong Nhat Stadium. The Japanese military leader praised the play of the player wearing the number 10 shirt on the Vietnamese side.

“In my opinion, the player wearing the number 10 shirt (Van Quyet) is a good player. He has technique, good speed and great vision,” said coach Takayuki Nishigaya.

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