Coming to the US at the age of 14, the Vietnamese man now owns 2 farms and 3 restaurants

From the age of 14, Nguyen Duy Vu (35 years old) and his family moved to the US to settle down. Living away from home under the pressure of making money makes this guy have concerns. Vu is always family-oriented, but in part of his memory, he regrets that he missed the beautiful moments with his loved ones because he was busy chasing after “rice and money”.

Before coming to the US, Vu was a sheltered child with many friends. But when he arrived in the land of flowers, he suddenly felt helpless, alone without a friend. Due to busy work, parents also have very little time to spend with their children. Vu confided, it was not until 12th grade that he had a group of friends to play with.

Vietnamese people who go to settle down or set up a business far away from their family think they will lose many moments with their loved ones. Coming to America from a young age, I have many regrets. When I was in high school, my parents went to work for 10-12 hours a day very busy, the whole family could only speak a few sentences at dinner. Even when I graduated twice, my parents weren’t present.”Mr. Vu confided.

Life away from home is not easy, Vu’s family moved from an apartment house to a rented house and then saved up to buy a house. Before 2000, his family had two restaurants in Vietnam, but when he moved to the US, his parents had to start over as a kitchen assistant. They try to accumulate, try to become restaurant owners in the country of flags.

At the age of 25, Mr. Vu shook hands with his mother to start a business. Talking about his journey of starting a business in a “foreign land”, he said he had experienced a lot of ups and downs. When opening the first restaurant, mother and daughter Vu combined to buy a restaurant that was going down.

Coming to the US at the age of 14, the Vietnamese man now owns 2 farms and 3 restaurants - Photo 1.

Anh Vu and his mother combined a restaurant business in the US.

Mr. Vu printed the restaurant’s menu flyers, wrapped them in bottled water, and went to crowded places to distribute. Thanks to this advertising initiative, the restaurant became more crowded and the business gradually grew.

When they have experience, the mother and daughter are victorious and rush to build a second and third restaurant. Anh Vu shared: “The restaurant business in the US is not like a restaurant in Vietnam that only focuses on one dish and then opens a stall to sell, customers randomly pass by and eat in. In the US, opening a restaurant is like opening a company, right? have a plan to establish, pay taxes, pay salaries of cleaning staff, insurance, advertising expenses … “.

In addition to the restaurant business, Mr. Vu also owns two agricultural farms. A farm with an area of ​​​​5 hectares specializes in producing ornamental flowers for distribution to stores. The second plot with an area of ​​2 hectares is also used for planting trees.

Coming to the US at the age of 14, the Vietnamese man now owns 2 farms and 3 restaurants - Photo 2.

A corner of Mr. Duy Vu’s tree farm.

Mr. Vu revealed that he chose to become the owner of the grove which was very surprising because the people in this industry in the US were all old. When he was young, he was eager to win, but when he started, he discovered many difficulties.

“The first year is good, the second year I know I’m wrong. Houston is very hot until the cold season freezes. So I have to take care of it twice a year to plant a tree. Second and third years. In 2019, the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic had the worst impact. The increase in materials and labor costs also made it more difficult.” Vu shared more.

At one point, Vu fell into a lot of debt. But thanks to will, perseverance and flexibility, the young man stood and developed his farm.

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