Coming to the US with only 500 USD in his pocket, the guy who “failed 7 times, got up at 8” became a millionaire, owns 100 houses and many supercars

Nick Mocuta, 37, is a millionaire with over 100 properties. But when he first arrived in the US, the 21-year-old had only 500 USD in his pocket. No home, no relatives, Nick has to sleep in the park, eat a burger for 1 USD to save money. Gradually, the Romanian boy successfully realized his dream by selling on e-commerce platforms.

Romanian boy with “millionaire dream”

Nick Mocuta grew up in an ordinary family in Romania. His father is an accountant and his mother is a teacher, so Nick’s education has always been taken care of since childhood.

At the age of 21, Nick graduated in business. After graduating, instead of choosing a job in his hometown, Nick Mocuta decided to come to the US to fulfill his dream of becoming a millionaire with just $500 his grandmother gave him.

“After graduating, I came to the US with a burning desire to change, to experience more and become better. I have always believed that the future belongs to e-commerce and I want to be a part of it.” , Nick shared.

An arduous journey

Nick Mocuta’s secret to success is never afraid to lose, never give up: “I failed 7 times and got up 8 times”.

No home, no relatives, no money, bad English, Nick’s first days in America were not very good. When he first arrived in Los Angeles, the 21-year-old had only 500 dollars, so it was not enough to live with the expensive prices here.

The first taxi ride in the US was a culture shock that Nick still remembers to this day.

“My first taxi ride cost me $100. I only had $400 left in my pocket. It was really a culture shock that I will never forget.”

To stay in Los Angeles, Nick had to spend extremely frugally. Many nights he slept on a bench in the park, eating sparingly because he could not afford to rent an apartment. Every time he bought a burger, he told the seller not to give cheese so he wouldn’t be charged extra. There were even days when he was starving.

A few months later, Nick got a job at an apartment parking lot. The job was low paying but helped him earn some money to rent a small apartment.

Despite the difficulties in foreign lands, Nick’s wishes and aspirations for a good future have never changed. Constantly learning and improving, Nick learned and obtained a real estate brokerage license. It seemed that the boy’s life would be better since he started working in this field, but that was not the case.

In 2013, Nick started a project that would change his life forever. It is trading electronic items such as mobile phones, cases imported from China on the eBay trading floor. And after only 6 months, he quickly made a profit of 4,000 USD per month from online transactions.

Success will come

After anticipating the success he could earn online, he decided to quit his job as a broker. Nick wholeheartedly focuses on his own business in the field of e-commerce.

After 9 years, he owns many online stores on sites like Amazon and Walmart. Nick’s fortune has increased to 40 million US dollars. Now, Nick can buy anything he wants, eat at the most luxurious restaurants.

Coming to the US with only 500 USD in his pocket, the guy failed 7 times, stood up for the 8th time to become a millionaire, owns 100 houses and many supercars - Photo 1.

The once homeless man can now invest in 100 properties in the US and Romania, owns 4 luxury cars, including a Bentley Continental and a Mercedes GT S63 AMG.

After success, Nick is always grateful to his late grandmother who gave him the first money to realize his “dream”. This self-made millionaire also bought his parents and brother an apartment each.

Finally, Nick argues: “I think the reason I’m successful is because I’m never afraid to lose. I’m very persistent and never give up. I failed seven times, but dared to stand up for the eighth time.”.

(According to Dailystar)

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