Commendation of a young man who saved 3 motorcyclists who lost their brakes while going down Tam Dao pass

Video: The moment a young man rescues 3 people on a motorbike that lost its brakes on a pass in Tam Dao

On May 30, the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Tam Dao district signed a commendation decision for Mr. Dinh Van Chien (30 years old, residing in Ho Son commune, Tam Dao district) for promptly saving 3 people on a lost motorbike. brake when going down Tam Dao pass.

Before On the afternoon of May 29, while driving on Tam Dao Pass to repair mobile motorbikes, Chien saw a motorbike driven by a man, behind with a woman and a small child showing signs of losing brakes. despite trying to crash into the rear of the 29-seat passenger car, it still sped away.

By his own experience, Chien guessed that the motorbike had lost its brakes, so he increased the throttle to chase. When approaching, Mr. Chien used one hand to drive the bike, his foot to brake, and one hand to grab the motorcycle’s tail to help it stop safely.

After that, Mr. Chien brought the tool to change 2 brake pads for the owner of the car so they could hit the road.

The leader of Tam Dao District People’s Committee assessed that Dinh Van Chien’s rescue of a motorbike with a brake failure was very brave, quick and a beautiful act that was admired by many people.

The pass to Tam Dao town is about 13km long, it is a steep, sharp, long and continuous pass. Before moving up and down the pass, people need to carefully check the brake system of their car.

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