Compact SoundMax A-827 speaker for gamers

Accordingly, SoundMax has just continued to refresh its compact 2.1 product line with attractive new products. Among the new products, about to be launched on the market, the compact 2.1-channel speaker model SoundMax A-827 is notable for being upgraded with the ability to manually adjust the sound balance instead of just using the EQ setting. default as before.

Compact SoundMax A-827 speaker for gamers - photo 1

With this upgrade detail, more specifically, SoundMax A-827 allows listeners to freely adjust bass and treble depending on the genre of music, or each person’s music taste, even using speakers to enjoy the battles in the game.

Compared to previously introduced products, the new SoundMax A-827 also looks more “pro” thanks to the matte black outfit with the highlight of the blue LED detail to create accents for the speaker volume custom function button. Details of the subwoofer mask and both component speakers with a stylized 3-pointed star shape make the product look more modern and youthful.


As a compact 2.1 system, the SoundMax A-827 certainly does not make it difficult for users to install and connect. SoundMax on the new product has switched to using RCA connectors for both component speakers instead of the traditional push-terminal connection. The inputs and outputs on the back of the subwoofer are marked with clear and intuitive instructions, so users can rest assured even though the basic communication ports look the same because they share the same communication standard.

In addition, SoundMax A-827 also has no shortage of almost standard features of this manufacturer such as playing music wirelessly from Bluetooth sources, listening to music directly from a USB memory stick or memory card.

SoundMax A-827 is expected to hit shelves soon this week at an attractive price.


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