Controversial Chinese district for Covid-19 testing with fish

The Ximei district government in Xiamen city, Fujian province, caused controversy because of its requirement to take samples for Covid-19 testing with both fishermen and caught seafood.

The Xi My district government in southeastern China announced the regulation of Covid-19 testing for fishermen and seafood caught in late July due to concerns about illegal trade activities at sea with foreign fishermen. can cause Covid-19 to enter China.

“Fishers need to be tested for Covid-19 once a day while at sea. Once ashore, both ‘people and fish’ need to be tested,” the official announcement said.

Theo Guardian, the regulation started making headlines this week, sparking controversy on Weibo, China’s popular social media site. On Weibo, a video is circulating that shows a medical staff taking a test sample from the mouth of the fish and the underside of the crab.

“Ridiculous, an oddity for decades,” one user commented.

Another account sarcastically said that “the authorities should be more aggressive, putting marine creatures in the mandatory health code system, requiring fish swimming from international waters into Chinese waters to be quarantined for 7 days”. .

The Ximei district government was not immediately available for comment.

Controversial Chinese city for Covid-19 testing with fish

The image of Xiamen medical staff taking samples for Covid-19 testing with fish caused controversy. Video: TVBS.

China has persistently pursued a “No Covid” strategy for more than two years during the outbreak of the pandemic. Chinese health officials say the policy must be firmly applied, or risk a medical disaster because of low vaccination rates among the elderly and a lack of resources.

Chinese researchers determined that nCoV can persist for a long time in frozen foods and on packaging, citing some cases of Covid-19 infection following this route but did not specify the level of exposure. . The Chinese government accepts the hypothesis and some supermarkets apply a separate classification of imported frozen food.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2021 said there is no reliable evidence that Covid-19 can be transmitted. spread through food or product packaging.

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