Convicted nurse for raping disabled patient

AmericaNathan Sutherland, a nurse in Arizona who raped and made a disabled female patient pregnant, was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The verdict was handed down by a court in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, on December 2, after Sutherland admitted to sexually abusing a 29-year-old patient at the health care facility where he worked as a nurse.

Nathan Sutherland, a nurse raped and pregnant an intellectually disabled female patient.  Photo: AFP

Nathan Sutherland. Photo: AFP

The victim was mentally disabled due to childhood epilepsy and has been cared for in this medical facility since the age of three.

“She can’t speak, but can move her limbs, head and neck,” the family lawyer said. “She knows how to react to sounds, she knows how to express emotions. The important thing is that she is the beloved child in the family.”

After being raped in December 2019, the victim became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby. Medical staff did not know she was pregnant, until the baby was born.

Investigators took DNA samples from all male employees at the facility and discovered that Sutherland, who had worked at the facility since 2012, was the child’s father. He initially denied the allegations, but later admitted. After serving her prison term, Sutherland will be placed under lifelong surveillance and registered as a sex offender.

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