Cooking rice for love, making ‘shipper 0 dong’ at night

Cooking rice for love, being a shipper at night is 0 dong - Photo 1.

Members of Phu Yen Dom Dom Club carry rice and bring necessities to people’s houses in the blocked area – Photo: XUAN THANG

More than 20:30, members of Phu Yen Dom Dom Club have just made a trip to give 65 emergency support gifts to people in the area blocked by the COVID-19 epidemic in Xuan Dai ward (Song Cau town) and returned to the gathering point at: At the club’s Tam An vegetarian restaurant in Tuy Hoa City, the group’s “Shipper 0 VND” switchboard rang.

“A sister in the blockade area in Ward 6 (Tuy Hoa City) asked to ship a batch of milk and a set of baby diapers because her house was lonely and could not be sent out to buy goods in time” – operator Van Thi Ut Mi informed believe.

“The milk is still there but the diapers are not available, let me run down to the supermarket to buy it and ship it to her house” – Le Thi Tuyet Phuong, a member of the group, quickly answered, while quickly putting on a medical protective suit then ride the bike on the road.

“If” is happy, I’m happy!

“Shipper 0 dong is a program to support poor people who run out of money to buy food with the motto “If you are short, call, and if you have enough, please give it to someone else.” Only those who are really needy and stuck Sometimes they call us, so we have to respond immediately at all costs, free of charge from goods to delivery,” said Ut Mi.

Cooking rice for love, at night as a shipper 0 VND - Photo 2.

Phu Yen Firefly Club carries relief gifts into blocked alleys in Tuy Hoa City

Over the past 2 months, Phu Yen Dom Dom Club has connected and given food and necessities to people in quarantined and blocked areas. From early in the morning, all 8 members of the club did one thing each: the person who scheduled the gift giving, the person who entered the packaging, the person who received the phone to connect the benefactor, contact the local government… rhythmically.

“Today, Phu Yen Dom Dom Club gave 103 gifts to people in our neighborhood, each of which includes 10kg of rice, 20 eggs, a box of green vegetables and a jar of peanuts. To ensure safety, everyone stay still. In the house, the club will bring gifts to the front of the house, only when we leave, we will come out to pick them up. Le Thoai Ky announced by hand speaker when he arrived at the blockade area in Ward 4.

The “firefly warriors” pushed carts, people carried goods and gifts to the gates of people’s houses. If someone has ever put on a tight medical protective suit that screams hot and stuffy, it must be just a first impression, but wearing this suit moves in the hot sun, carries heavy goods, climbs steep slopes, and goes into alleys. continuously for 2-3 hours like the members of Phu Yen Dom Dom Club, “suffering” must be tenfold.

“If (people) are happy, I’m happy, forget all the fatigue!” – Trong Thi, a member of the group, confided.

Cooking rice for love, being a shipper at night is 0 dong - Photo 3.

Delivering relief gifts to people under lockdown in Tuy An district

President of Phu Yen sent a letter of thanks

In a letter of thanks sent to Phu Yen Dom Dom Club recently, Mr. Tran Huu The – Chairman of Phu Yen Provincial People’s Committee – wrote: “The authorities and people of Phu Yen province respectfully acknowledge and express their deep gratitude to Mr. Phu Yen Dom Dom Club has paid attention to share and timely support Phu Yen province in the prevention of COVID-19 epidemic in recent years.The province hopes to continue to receive the companionship of Phu Yen Dom Dom Club in the past next time”.

Each person contributes a hand

Chairman of Phu Yen Dom Dom Club Le Thoai Ky said that on June 24, when the first cluster of COVID-19 cases appeared in Tuy Hoa City, the club decided to suspend regular volunteer activities before. to ensure safety.

“However, only 1-2 days later, I found it impossible to rest. The people in the blockade area really needed me. Therefore, a new type of volunteer work was discussed and implemented by the club immediately” – 29-year-old “leader” , single, confess.

Cooking rice for love, at night as a shipper 0 VND - Photo 5.

Phu Yen Dom Dom members cut vegetables from people in Binh Ngoc commune (Tuy Hoa city) to give to the club to bring to people in the blockade area.

Determining to enter the blockade area is very dangerous because it is a place that can contain many COVID-19 pathogens, the club has “filtered” among more than 30 members to only take 8 young, enthusiastic people who do not have their own families to attend. participated in a “special charity campaign” during the epidemic days, not accepting more people even though many other members “begged” to join.

The whole group is always at “headquarters” which is Tam An’s free vegetarian restaurant of the club, always taking care of safety and being careful when bringing gifts to the people.

Cooking rice for love, at night as a shipper 0 VND - Photo 6.

Phu Yen Dom Dom Club offers 0 VND dinner for motorcyclists from the South to the Central countryside

Days before the 1063 message “who is there”, seeing the lines of motorcyclists from Ho Chi Minh City to the central countryside facing difficulties because the shop was closed, Phu Yen Dom Dom Club soon implemented ” meal of 0 VND” to send to people every night…

Up to now, the value of goods that Phu Yen Dom Dom Club donated to people in epidemic areas alone has been more than 1 billion VND.

Phu Yen Dom Dom Club (under the Social Work Center of Phu Yen Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs) was formed from a group of young volunteers initiated by Le Thoai Ky in 2010, starting with the program “Dom Dom”. “lighting the future” to help poor students study hard. Entering the 11th year, the fund has awarded scholarships totaling nearly 5 billion VND to poor or orphans who are studious.

For the past 3 years, this club has also maintained Tam An vegetarian restaurant, which serves the poor daily for free. Phu Yen Dom Dom Club also built 7 benevolent porridge kitchens in Tuy An, Phu Hoa and Dong Hoa townships; 1 lovely bread cabinet at Song Hinh District General Hospital.

Especially, in May 2021, Phu Yen Dom Dom Club, with the support of the government and sponsors from benefactors, inaugurated An Nhi Vien Fetal Cemetery on an area of ​​more than 300m2.2, as the resting place of about 6,000 unborn babies.


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