Couple of best friends who are both beautiful and talented: Together they won the first prize in the National HSG and were directly admitted to the top 7 universities

Recently, after the Ministry of Education and Training officially announced the high school graduation exam scores in 2022, netizens couldn’t help but whisper in front of their children’s association with brilliant academic achievements, lofty transcripts or high scores. admitted directly to this school or that school. If a prominent individual is already “expensive” on social media, good friends will make people admire and pay more attention.

Recently, at Tran Phu High School for the Gifted (Hai Phong), two close friends named Le Diem Quynh and Pham Minh Hien have attracted the attention of many people. The reason is because these two female students are not only beautiful, but also excellent students in the country and are directly recruited into a series of top universities in the country.

Couple of best friends who are both beautiful and talented: Together they won the first prize of the National HSG and were directly recruited into the top 7 universities - Photo 1.

Diem Quynh (left) and Minh Huyen (right) are close friends who won the National Excellent Student Award and were directly recruited into the top universities in the country.

Diem Quynh (grade 12 Van) and Minh Hien (grade 12 Social) started to get closer when the couple studied together for the exam for the good student team in Geography.

Contacting Diem Quynh, she said that although the pair of close friends were of the same age and attended the same school, it was not until they got to know each other during the exam preparation process for the excellent student team that the two began to open their hearts to each other. from there to become close friends. Even, the first impression of both Diem Quynh and Minh Hien about their best friend is … the appearance is difficult to approach and difficult to talk to.

During high school, these two best friends helped and supported each other with all their might in learning-related issues. The two study together, share documents, and provide spiritual comfort during the most stressful and tiring times.

“For me personally, their friendship is very special. Because we both know each other in the fiercely competitive environment of the good student team in Geography, Hien and I are always clear about being rivals. just you.

We are not jealous but always respect each other, working together towards the goal of scores. During the stressful time of the epidemic, we had to study online, there were times when we were both stressed and wanted to cry, but we all encouraged each other to overcome it.” Diem Quynh shared.

Both Minh Hien and Diem Quynh had beautiful high school years with the presence of their best friends at all times.

Both girls spent their high school years not only with excellent academic results, but also had an interesting life when going out together, making more friends and doing all sorts of fun games at the same age as students. If you browse Diem Quynh’s personal page, it is easy to see that almost every post of this female student has the presence of her best friend Minh Hien. Diem Quynh added that learning to respect and understand others and always support each other is the secret for both of them to maintain a good friendship.

In the 12th grade, the pair of best friends won the first prize of the national excellent student in Geography. With this achievement, both Diem Quynh and Minh Hien were directly recruited into a series of top universities in the country such as Foreign Trade University, Diplomatic Academy, Hanoi University of Foreign Languages, Hanoi National University of Education, etc. City National University. Ho Chi Minh City University of Law. Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. Ho Chi Minh…

Up to now, Diem Quynh has chosen to major in International Commercial Law from Foreign Trade University (Hanoi), while Minh Huyen has chosen Digital Business from RMIT (Ho Chi Minh). Although the pair of friends had to temporarily separate due to choosing a University thousands of kilometers away, the two still firmly believed in a friendship that could be maintained despite the geographical distance.

“The time we spend together will definitely be less. But we will always keep in touch, ask each other often and try to maintain our friendship as long as possible.”Diem Quynh confided when talking about the future plans of the close friends.

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