COVID-19 cases increase, Singapore begins to inject additional doses of vaccine

As COVID-19 cases increase, Singapore begins to inject additional doses of the vaccine - Photo 1.

Singapore will start additional vaccinations for people over 60 years old who have had 2 full doses of COVID-19 vaccine for at least 6 months – Photo: REUTERS

Newspaper Nikkei Asia An estimated 200,000 older adults in Singapore will be notified in the first round of injections, and another 700,000 will be called in for injections in the near future.

“Those who are suitable for additional injections, please go for injections when notified,” Singapore’s Trade Minister Gan Kim Yong, co-leader of Singapore’s anti-epidemic task force, urged.

Despite being the country with the highest vaccination rate in the world, the number of COVID-19 cases in Singapore is increasing sharply again in recent times. On September 13, the country recorded the number of cases surpassing 600 cases / day for the first time in the past 13 months and continued to appear new outbreaks. The number of daily new cases in this island nation has doubled every week, from 166 cases on September 1 to 329 cases on September 8 and the latest 607 cases on September 13.

The authorities say that thanks to high vaccination rates, 98% of new cases in the country in the past month have only had mild symptoms.

Singapore explained that additional vaccination is a measure to limit severe cases, alongside other measures such as testing and distancing. “If we keep the number of deaths and emergencies under control, then even if the number of cases increases, we can still go forward with confidence,” Gan emphasized.

Singapore’s move could be a milestone in the COVID-19 campaign not only in the country but also in the region. Although it is not the first country to administer the supplement, many countries are following the island nation’s vaccination campaign.

Indonesia has started injecting additional health workers from July 2021 and so far has injected more than half of this force. Cambodia also started to give additional injections from August 2021 when more than 50% of the population has been fully vaccinated. Meanwhile, Thailand also plans to give additional injections in October 2021 for those who have received 2 doses of Sinovac vaccine between March and May 2021.

On September 14, Singapore also counted 367 children in this country with COVID-19, of which 172 were due to Delta variant and most of them were in the age group from 7 to 12. Although the rate of severe illness in children was high. Still low, health authorities in this country are concerned that many children will get sick in the near future when the number of cases increases. The country is rushing to carry out trials to be able to vaccinate children early next year.


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