COVID-19 green card consistent across 27 countries

In January of this year, when the vaccination campaign was just beginning, the European Commission completed a set of technical standards for the COVID-19 Green Certificate, which includes required data and QR codes for all 27 member countries with 500 million inhabitants. Each European country is free to design its own application, or use each other’s, but must be based on that consistent set of standards.

COVID-19 green card consistent in 27 countries - Photo 1.

An electronic certificate related to COVID-19. Photo: Shutterstock

Ursula Von Der Leyen – President of the European Commission said: “Green certificates will validate all visible data, and those minimum data are mutually recognized in all member countries. The information contained in the certificates is also centralized into a single database. unified, with the aim of coordinating gradual reopening in a safe and sustainable manner”.

In the Kingdom of Belgium, people only have to download a single application to their phones and that application is also simple, with only 3 screen pages. Full name, date of birth, vaccination, date of vaccination, what vaccine. Have not been vaccinated but have just done PCR test, when to test. Been infected with the virus and recovered, no day. QR codes are issued by Belgium according to common standards, and can be read by scanners in any European country. If you don’t have a phone, you can download a printout, or have it delivered to your door.

Mr. Luigi Lorenzato – Belgian said: “I’m not sure if the Green Certificate will solve any problems, but it’s the only way that allows us to go to restaurants, to the gym, to interact with other people without risk to anyone.”

Finns, Swedes in Northern Europe, flying on vacation in the southernmost part of Europe, Malta, Greece, just need to show their COVID-19 green card upon entry. As of the end of last month, more than 200 million Europeans had a Green Certificate. A consistent set of technical standards, a compatible QR code in 27 countries, saved this summer’s tourist season and is continuing to facilitate free travel between European countries.

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