‘COVID-19 green card’ will be a trend around the world

After a long time of anti-epidemic and the vaccination rate has reached the target, many countries have been preparing to reopen, towards a new normal life. This effort is making the COVID-19 green card emerge as a necessary tool in many countries.

The COVID-19 green card has now become a part of the identification documents that every Italian needs to bring with them when they want to buy tickets for trains, planes, coaches or ships.

Called a green card, it is actually a paper or digital certificate that shows that the cardholder has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, tested negative, or recently recovered. Italy applied from the beginning of this month.

COVID-19 green card will be a trend around the world - Photo 1.

Marco Cantarini – Rome, Italy said: “You can’t travel without it. My whole family has COVID-19 green cards.”

In case someone makes a false declaration or gives a fake card, the system will check and force a fine of up to 1,000 euros (about 27 million VND).

In France, since the beginning of August, a health certificate has also become a must-have for people who want to enter restaurants, bars, take a plane, train or participate in other public activities.

In Israel, one of the countries with the largest vaccine coverage in the world, the vaccine green card is also applied to most public places, as well as all entertainment events such as music or football matches. This tag is valid for up to 6 months after a full dose, or within 72 hours of a negative PCR test result.

Ms. Fanny Biton – Tel Aviv City, Israel shared: “Fortunately, we have a great solution to being able to go out, which is the COVID-19 green card. We can freely go out, participate in cultural events to raise awareness, instead for fighting the epidemic by just staying at home”.

In the US, although the federal government has not issued COVID-19 certification, there have been 7 states that have developed their own electronic certification systems, with California and New York being the 2 places to apply vaccine green cards to those who have been vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccine. In Canada, a neighboring country to the US, the most populous province, Ontario, will also introduce the requirement to present a certificate of vaccine to enter bars, restaurants, nightclubs and indoor sports facilities from April 1. September 22 is coming.

Although there is still some controversy about the freedom and recognition of the COVID-19 green card in different places, according to experts, this will be the trend in the next few months around the world for the economy to recover in the next few months. new situation.

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