Criticized by India for closing the border, China: ‘It is a scientific approach’

Criticized by India for closing the border, China: It is a scientific approach - Photo 1.

Mr. Vikram Misri, Indian Ambassador to China – Photo: SCMP

September 28, newspaper South China Morning Post China has just said that the measures to restrict travel because of the COVID-19 pandemic that it has applied are “scientific”, after India’s ambassador to China called on Beijing to have “a way to approach the situation”. more balanced and sympathetic approach” in issuing visas to Indians.

Currently, India is not the only country urging Beijing to relax the strict border control measures applied by China to combat the COVID-19 epidemic. Other countries have also urged China to adjust its visa policy as the rest of the world gradually reopens.

Last week, India’s ambassador to China Vikram Misri said that some of the problems that have arisen in India-China relations now go beyond politics. He said thousands of Indian nationals are stranded and unable to return to China because of strict visa regulations.

He called for political and commercial separation, as relations between India and China have become strained in recent times due to border disputes.

“Less complex issues – such as facilitation of travel for students, stranded family members, entrepreneurs from India to China – are demanding a balanced approach.” more equal and understanding (from Beijing),” Misri said during an online event on bilateral relations organized by Sichuan University last week.

Criticized by India for closing the border, China: It is a scientific approach - Photo 2.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Hua Chunying – Photo: CGTN

On the Indian side, he said, New Delhi has tried to “keep the bilateral trade relationship separate from the current disagreements”, for example by continuing to issue visas to Chinese businessmen to India. Degree.

“However, we are disappointed after witnessing an unscientific approach to some of the problems that students, entrepreneurs, exporters… are facing” – Ambassador Vikram Misri shown.

In response, September 27, nChinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that the country’s current visa regulations are intended to protect people and apply not only to Indians but to everyone, including citizens. China.

“China has no choice but to apply a series of management measures according to the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure the safe and orderly movement of both Chinese and foreigners. outside” – Ms. Hoa explained.

“China has adopted a scientific, professional and proportionate approach to controlling the COVID-19 pandemic,” she said.


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