Crossing the 7cm line… from above, the car owner is fined millions

Overriding the 7cm line... from above, the car owner was fined millions - Photo 1.

If an error like this is caught, surely many car owners are sweating – Photo: The Sun

Julian Griffiths, a 59-year-old father in the UK, last week had to receive a £100 fine (more than 2.5 million dong) without knowing what happened.

According to the 59-year-old man, he parked his car in the parking lot for only 10 minutes to buy a knee brace for his son. The Renault Clio was then parked by him in the right frame of the parking lot, but according to the photo recorded by the parking service provider, it turned out that the body of this car protruded out of the line a distance… 7cm.

“If I park between two parking spaces, they can fine me freely, but they fined me for such an error. Crazy,” he shared with the newspaper. SportsDirect. He said he would appeal this fine.

Less than a week ago, the same parking lot in the UK was criticized for a similar case of issuing a ticket.

Another car park in the UK, this week, was also heavily criticized for issuing a ticket to a person who had to make an emergency stop because of a health condition. The man at the time, Imran Mohammed Naz, 44, suffered from hypoglycemia and was forced to park for 13 minutes – three minutes longer than the allowed time and immediately received a £100 ticket.

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