Customers test drive Toyota Raize at the dealer: Remove many doubts

From December 4, the Toyota dealer network nationwide simultaneously held an event to launch and test drive the Raize model. Every day, agents welcome dozens and hundreds of customers to experience.

On social networking sites and forums, any post sharing about the test drive experience or the customer receiving the car attracts attention and a lot of comments from the online community.

Customers test drive Toyota Raize at the dealer: Remove many doubts - Photo 1.

Toyota Raize attracts customers at dealers

Coming to experience Toyota Raize on the first day of its launch at Toyota Can Tho dealer, Mr. Khac Vinh said: ‘I am especially impressed with Raize’s sturdy and masculine appearance. Young people around 30 years old like me go very well. The interior is spacious, but be sure to have full leather upholstery for the rear seats after receiving the car. Test drive found that the 1.0L turbocharged engine is not as weak as people think, when the engine activates the turbocharger, the jump is very impressive. Overall, I’m satisfied with this model and have paid a deposit to wait for the handover at the end of April‘.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hong Nam, a customer of Toyota Ha Dong dealer assessed: ‘Good looks, bigger than in the photo, good shell plating, solid sound of the door closing, good finishing touches, I especially like the spare tire like the main one. Wide interior, high ceiling, 1m8 tall people can still sit comfortably, finishing materials are commensurate with the price. The engine compartment is well-finished, the details are well-arranged, it will be easy to clean during use‘.

However, Mr. Hong Nam also pointed out some disadvantages. For example, the front of the car is square and the ceiling is high, so the wind resistance index will be higher than that of other cars, in return the passenger compartment will have more open space.

Felt seats can be upholstered for easier cleaning. The car also lacks rear air-conditioning vents, but with Toyota’s air-conditioning system, it is probably enough, second-row armrests and automatic throttle are features many customers want.

Customers test drive Toyota Raize at the dealer: Remove many doubts - Photo 2.

From 4-12, Toyota Raize is present at dealer system nationwide

But in general, my wife and I find the Toyota Raize very good, worth buying for the price of 527 million dong. Currently, the salesperson said there is no delivery vehicle, if ordered, it is expected to wait until after Tet. White is being ordered a lot, special colors like yellow and blue must be ordered in advance to be delivered, so the waiting time is longer. I plan to buy a car in the middle of next year‘, Mr. Hong Nam said.

On the Toyota Raize forum, a user with the nickname Minh Dau wrote: ‘Today, I went to see a car at Toyota Cau Giay. Since I haven’t tested it yet, my initial impressions are as follows. The car is quite large outside, especially from the side. The space inside, the front row of seats is probably equal to that of a B-class sedan, but the headroom is more comfortable due to the high ceiling‘.

Rear seat space is very comfortable if only 2 adults and 1 child are seated. 3 adults are not comfortable when going far. Large legroom, high ceiling space. Personally, I like sitting in the back seat better than sitting in the front. The interior is acceptable, the details are seamless, and the steering wheel feels a bit small.’.

All in all, this is still a car with a good ‘p/p’ – ‘price/quality’ ratio. I still want to test drive it before deciding.’, user Minh Dau rated.

Customers test drive Toyota Raize at the dealer: Remove many doubts - Photo 3.

Many customers have received their cars since the beginning of December

Meanwhile, be one of the first to receive the car. Mr. Van Thang evaluates that the Toyota Raize engine is strong, has a good jump, and is more than enough to use in the city even though the noise is a bit loud. Genuine steering wheel, smooth transmission.

Many people criticize the engine of Toyota Raize, but must put the car in the right direction of the manufacturer. Toyota identifies Raize as an urban SUV, often traveling 30-50 km/h in the city, so the 1.0L turbocharged engine is enough. And often go fast, go far, even the 1.5L naturally aspirated engine that you often compare is not the optimal choice. If using a high-intensity car, I will go up to more expensive cars using 1.8L, 2.0L, 2.5L engines or diesel engines. Asking too much for a model of 527 million dong is a bit ridiculous‘, Mr. Van Thang shared his personal views on social networks.

Customers test drive Toyota Raize at the dealer: Remove many doubts - Photo 4.

Toyota identifies Raize as an urban SUV, so a 1.0L turbocharged engine is enough

Customers test drive Toyota Raize at the dealer: Remove many doubts - Photo 5.

Toyota’s new ‘all – in – one’ model promises to “rock” the car rankings in the near future

After many years of success in Vietnam, Toyota continues to capture customer tastes with the all-new A+ SUV. Raize satisfies the dynamism of modern urban life that young customers seek, and at the same time assumes the role of an ‘all-in-one’ model – practical, economical but no less safe. complete and comfortable. These are the values ​​that car buyers in Vietnam are especially interested in after the fourth COVID-19 outbreak caused the economy to be affected.

Toyota Raize is considered a factor that “lights up” the Vietnamese car market at the end of the year. Currently, the Toyota dealer network nationwide has announced that it is “sold out”, if you order a car from this time, you have to wait until April or May next year to receive it. However, many customers still accept to wait, because with the price of 527 million VND and the value received, besides Toyota Raize, there is no more worthy choice.


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