Da Nang has a new technology center, developing high-quality human resources

On May 22, at a meeting about new technology trends in the field of super applications, MoMo revealed its plan to launch a new Technology Center in Da Nang City to develop high-quality human resources.

Hundreds of students and young people working in the field of technology participated in MoMo’s first Tech Meetup with the theme “Tech. Share and Connect” in Da Nang City. Here, experts and leaders of MoMo shared new technology trends in the field of super-app development and development orientations in Da Nang City.

Da Nang has a new technology center, developing high-quality human resources - photo 1

View of MoMo’s technology sharing session

Accordingly, MoMo will launch a new Technology Center in Da Nang City, with the ambition of making Da Nang the third largest technology development place in the country (along with Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi).

At the program, young people shared stories of startups and social benefits with a series of practical applications.

In particular, MoMo is aiming to develop products with the need to recruit personnel, especially the team in Da Nang City to create new products, improve existing applications to be close to real needs. economy of local people.

According to research by MoMo, Da Nang city has abundant technology human resources with more than 40,000 employees (accounting for 7% of local employees), human resources are also replenished regularly, stably and sustainably every day. Last year, the system of universities and colleges.

Da Nang City also sets a strategy to bring the IT, electronics and telecommunications industries to the digital economy as one of the five spearheads, with preferential policies to attract large domestic and foreign technology corporations and companies. The country closes its headquarters, in order to turn the city into a new technology center of Vietnam, a start-up and innovation center.

Mr. Thai Tri Hung, Deputy General Director of MoMo, said that through technology exchanges, MoMo realized that the community of technology enthusiasts has a common desire to use technology to solve practical problems, helping people’s lives. live better and Danang City meets all the conditions to become a smart, creative city associated with the digital economy. Therefore, MoMo is cooperating with Da Nang City to realize a new technology center here.

This new technology center aims to find, attract and train high-quality human resources. On this occasion, MoMo also conducted recruitment interview activities to prepare the foundation team for the next projects in Da Nang City.

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