Danish naval ship rammed US warship

A Danish Navy training schooner rammed a US littoral combat ship in Baltimore while being towed.

The US Navy on September 12 announced that the Danish navy training sailing ship Danmark rammed the littoral combat ship USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul in the port of Baltimore a day earlier. The collision caused no serious damage and no American sailors were injured.

The video shows the training sailboat Danmark being towed by two tugs out of Baltimore Harbor after the Maryland Fleet Week events.

The bow of the Danmark struck the right bow of the coastal battleship Minneapolis-Saint Paul, causing the bow mast to appear to have broken. It is not clear if the damage will affect Danmark’s seaworthiness and whether the ship will be repaired on site.

Danish naval ship collides with US warship

The training sailing ship Danmark rammed the littoral combat ship USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul on September 11. Video: LIP.

Maryland Fleet Week took place in Baltimore on September 7-13, with the participation of the sailing ship Danmark, the coastal battleship Minneapolis-Saint Paul, the amphibious assault ship USS Carter Hall, the high-speed expeditionary transport ship USNS Newport as well as the Canadian coastal patrol vessel HMCS Moncton.

The Danmark training sailing ship was launched in 1932 and commissioned in 1933, has three masts, 77 m long. The ship has a crew of 15 people and 80 cadets. Danmark first visited the port of Baltimore in the United States in 1939.

After the Nazis attacked Denmark, the crew was ordered to anchor the Danmark in Baltimore to avoid capture. After the Pearl Harbor incident, Captain Knud L. Hansen suggested that the US government use the Danmark to train sailors. About 5,000 American sailors trained on the Danmark before the ship returned to Denmark in 1945.

USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul is a Freedom-class littoral combat ship, with a displacement of 3,500 tons, a length of 118 m, and a maximum speed of 83 km/h. The battleship is equipped with a 57 mm Mk.110 cannon, RIM-116 anti-aircraft missiles, Mk.50 torpedoes and two MH-60R/S helicopters.

Nguyen Tien (Theo LIP)

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