‘Dead and come back to life’ for playing the game through the night

ChinaA 20-year-old man in cardiac arrest was revived by emergency resuscitation after being clinically dead from playing video games through the night.

A young man suddenly fainted in an Internet cafe in Zhengzhou, Henan province, on September 7. Staff immediately called an ambulance, said he was playing games all night, when he got up, he fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth.

People in an Internet cafe in China.  Photo: IPC

People in an Internet cafe in China. Photo: IPC

Doctors from a nearby hospital arrived and found him “clinically dead” by cardiac arrest and pulse arrest. Because the “dead” time was not long, they performed CPR and used emergency medicine epinephrine. After 20 minutes, his heart beat again and was taken to the hospital for further treatment, now in stable health.

“The patient often stays up at night playing games, sitting for a long time without getting up and moving. The summer weather is hot, sweating but drinking little water, leading to pulmonary embolism,” said Dr. Mieu, who treated the male. youth, said.

The “death and resurrection” case of a young man has been widely shared on Chinese social media and newspapers, in the context that the country is stepping up the “anti-game addiction” campaign.

Hong Hanh (Follow Global Times)


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