Debuting for the Vietnamese team, Khuat Van Khang re-established Doan Van Hau’s record

Khuat Van Khang made his debut for the Vietnamese team in the 75th minute of the friendly match against Singapore. The moment he stepped on the field to replace Nham Manh Dung, the midfielder born in 2003 became the second player of Vietnamese football to play for 4 levels of the team within a year.

This is a record set by Doan Van Hau in September 2017. The player of Hanoi FC played for U20 Vietnam at the U20 World Cup, with Vietnam U23 attended the 29th SEA Games, the main kick in the Asian Cup qualifiers. for the Vietnamese team and participated in the U18 Vietnam squad in the Southeast Asian tournament.

Five years after Doan Van Hau set the record, Khuat Van Khang also re-established the same achievement. Specifically, from June to September 2022, Viettel’s players will play in the colors of U23 teams (U23 final round of Asia), U19 (U19 Southeast Asia), U20 (qualifier U20). Asia) and the Vietnamese national team (friendly).

However, the two teams U19 and U20 Vietnam that Khuat Van Khang participated in, although they have 2 names, 2 levels, but only one team. The Vietnamese U20 force participating in the 2023 Asian U20 qualifier is the adjusted U19 Vietnamese team (but still a group of players born in 2003-2004). Meanwhile, the U20 and U18 Vietnam teams in 2017 are two different generations.

Another interesting point about Khuat Van Khang is that this player plays for 4 levels of the national team when he has yet to play a match in the club shirt. The midfielder born in 2003 has not even been registered by the host club Viettel to play in the V-League. In other words, Khuat Van Khang’s professional experience at the club is zero.

However, the captain of U20 Vietnam shows his potential very clearly in the young teams. That’s why Coach Park Hang Seo decided to give special priority to Khuat Van Khang and summoned him to the Vietnam team to test in this gathering. The 19-year-old midfielder is also the youngest in the list of 31 players called up by the Korean military leader.

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