Defeating Saudi Arabia, the Vietnamese team defends the top of the Asian futsal table

The Vietnamese futsal team started the Asian futsal group stage smoothly with a 5-1 victory over South Korea, but Saudi Arabia is a very different opponent. The West Asian team proved its strength when defeating Japan in the opening match. This is a big challenge for teachers and coaches Diego Giustozzi, although in theory Vietnam is more appreciated.

The Vietnamese futsal team started cautiously. Coach Giustozzi used the strongest team, using a solid play in the home field to face the physical style of Saudi Arabia. After about 5 minutes of struggling, Vietnam made a difference thanks to the second group.

In the 12th minute, Minh Tri passed to Doan Phat, before Vietnam’s No. 6 performed a very flexible maneuver and then stretched to clear the deck for Anh Duy to score the opening goal. Before assisting Anh Duy, Doan Phat had at least 2 high-class performances with counter-attacks on the right flank, but Thinh Phat and Anh Duy respectively missed the opportunity.

Anh Duy’s opening goal made the speed of the game pushed up. In the 14th minute, the Vietnamese defense let loose with Saudi Arabia in the defensive phase. Fahad comfortably escaped to the bottom of the border and stretched, fortunately the opponent’s ala did not have time to touch the ball in the intrusion situation.

Defeating Saudi Arabia, the Vietnamese team defends the top of the Asian futsal table - Photo 1.

The Vietnamese futsal team plays proactively.

In the 18th minute, Thinh Phat pressed well and won the ball in the feet of the Saudi player. No. 10 dribbles with speed and then shoots a decisive left foot shot, sending the ball across the goal of the West Asian team. This is the round where Saudi Arabia also has impressive coordination pieces on the edge, but indecisiveness in the final handling makes the opportunity pass.

In the second half, the Saudi team played with all hands when pushing up the offensive formation, using high-intensity coordination to confuse the Vietnamese defense.

However, the Vietnamese defense line with leader Van Y still plays firmly. In the 29th minute, Doan Phat punished the Saudi goalkeeper’s mistake with a shot from the home field, raising the score to 2-0.

Defeating Saudi Arabia, the Vietnamese team defends the top of the Asian futsal table - Photo 2.

Van Y (yellow shirt) has no less than 6 saves in ten.

However, Doan Phat then imprinted his shoes on the goal of… the away team. Goalkeeper Humood rose again on the right wing and made a half-shot and half-pass. The ball touched Doan Phat’s feet and changed direction, leaving goalkeeper Van Y helpless.

The two teams played attractive doubles in the remaining minutes. But thanks to Van Y’s certainty, Giustozzi’s students were able to protect the goal. Then at the last second after the defensive phase, Minh Tri took the opportunity to swing his foot from the home field to put the ball into the empty goal, setting a 3-1 victory for the Vietnamese futsal team.

Beating Saudi Arabia, the Vietnamese futsal team monopolized the top spot of Group D with 6 points, 3 points ahead of Saudi Arabia and Japan. In the last round on October 2, Vietnam will fight Japan to win tickets to the quarterfinals.

Final results: Vietnam 3-1 Saudi Arabia (Anh Duy 12′, Doan Phat 29′, Doan Phat’s own goal 31′, Minh Tri 40′)

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