Denmark bans inmates from having sex

Denmark will ban inmates serving life sentences from having love relationships to combat the phenomenon of “crazy fans” of crime.

The Danish Ministry of Justice said today that the ban on inmates from forming new relationships applies for the first 10 years of prison sentences. Instead, prisoners are only allowed to send letters and make phone calls to people they were close to before being detained.

“We have seen unacceptable cases in recent years of serious offenders communicating with young people to gain sympathy and attention,” said Attorney General Nick Haekkerup. . “This must be stopped”.

Danish Justice Minister Nick Haekkerup.  Photo: AFP.

Danish Justice Minister Nick Haekkerup. Photo: AFP.

Recently, a young woman revealed that at the age of 17 she was once in love with Peter Madsen, who murdered Swedish journalist Kim Wall on a submarine in 2017, while he was in prison. Madsen was found guilty in 2018.

“Lifetime prisoners cannot use our prison as a dating site or a media platform to brag about their crimes,” Minister Haekkerup said.

The new bill also ends life-long prisoners being allowed to freely post content about their crimes on social media or discuss them on podcasts. The proposal also requires a prisoner to serve a minimum of 10 years before being released on a temporary basis (allowing to be released from prison for a certain period of time for a particular purpose or reason), which is more than 2-4 years compared to the present.

The bill, presented to the committee yesterday and endorsed by the right-wing opposition, is expected to pass next fall and take effect on January 1, 2022.

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