Deployment of COVID-19 ‘human resource ATM’ in Ho Chi Minh City

Deploying human resource ATMs for COVID-19 vaccination in Ho Chi Minh City - Photo 1.

The first volunteers of the ‘vaccine human ATM’ – Photo: Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association

On September 10, information from the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association said that the association is launching the program “ATM for human resources to vaccinate” to join hands with Ho Chi Minh City to speed up the vaccination schedule.

Accordingly, the association will mobilize financial resources to support hospitals, centers and medical facilities in order to mobilize and strengthen medical human resources (who are not directly involved in the treatment of COVID-19 patients in hospitals). hospital) to deploy vaccination against COVID-19 for city people.

This force will work under the arrangement of localities in Ho Chi Minh City, organized into injection teams at fixed injection sites, or mobile injection teams (with the model of 1 doctor performing screening, 1 The nurse performs the injection, 1 staff member checks the information on the screening sheet, and assists the doctor in screening and monitoring after the injection).

The Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association said that each volunteer participating in the “Vaccine human ATM” will be supported with a part of the cost to thank the contribution to the community.

Even today, September 10, the first 18 volunteers of the program were present at the Health Center of Hoc Mon district to support vaccination.

With the above practical and urgent meaning, the association is looking forward to receiving the attention, support and contributions of organizations, businesses and individuals to the program.

All contributions should be sent to the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association:

Account number: 0021000466369

Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam.


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