‘Diamond quartet’ meets face-to-face summit at the White House next week

The diamond quartet meets for a live summit at the White House next week - Photo 1.

US President Joe Biden and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken (right) attend an online meeting with the leaders of Japan, Australia and India on March 12 – Photo: BLOOMBERG

Jen Psaki – White House press secretary – said that a face-to-face meeting between Mr. Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take place on September 24.

“The Biden-Harris administration considers upgrading the ‘Quad’ partnership a priority. Leaders in the QUAD group will focus on strengthening the relationship between the parties, and promoting cooperation. practical cooperation in areas such as combating COVID-19, addressing the climate crisis, cooperating in the development of technology – cyberspace, and promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific”, Ms. Psaki tell.

According to the newspaper South China Morning PostMs. Psaki affirmed that Mr. Biden’s chairing of the “Diamond Quartet” face-to-face meeting demonstrates the Washington administration’s priority for the Indo-Pacific region.

Tensions between the US and China in the western Pacific are worsening. Last week, Navy and Coast Guard officials pledged to increase their presence in the region.

The United States also rejected a new Chinese rule requiring all foreign ships to register when entering what Beijing calls “China’s territorial waters”.

Information about the face-to-face meeting between QUAD team members was announced after two recent meetings between Biden administration officials and Beijing, including a phone call last week between President Joe Biden and Chairman Joe Biden. China Xi Jinping.

During this meeting, Mr. Xi told Mr. Biden that US policy towards China created great difficulties for relations between the two countries.

In July, the dialogue between US Vice Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi ended with the two sides continuing to maintain tough positions.

During an online meeting in March, the leaders of the “Diamond Quartet” agreed to find a way to deal with China’s military buildup in the region.


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