Digging a tunnel to the bank, the thief was ‘retribution’ collapsed

Digging a tunnel to the bank, the thief was retribution collapsed - Photo 1.

A rare tunnel collapse occurred near the Vatican – Photo: RTE.IE

By page rte.iethe man was trapped in a tunnel about 6 meters above the ground, under a street in the Aurelio neighborhood, west of Rome and just a 5-minute walk from the Vatican.

It took rescuers eight hours to get him out and take him straight to the hospital on August 11.

According to police, the authorities had previously arrested two people from Naples for acts against the authorities and two others in Rome for vandalizing public property.

The man trapped in the tunnel who was rescued was one of two in Rome.

Police said they were investigating the incident and did not rule out the possibility that the subjects were plotting a major theft.

The Italian press said that although the cause is unknown, the tunnel is very close to a bank and August 15 is a big holiday, people go on long holidays, the streets are deserted, Rome becomes quiet, so Maybe the goal of this group is to break the safe in the bank.

Newspaper The print described the incident: “They dug a tunnel to rob the bank, but retribution, one of the members was buried underground.”

In the past few weeks, people in the area have also discovered many abnormalities. At night, electricity and phone signal often flicker, sometimes not. However, when the technician did not arrive, everything returned to normal. It is possible that thieves are the cause of the power outages, as they sometimes have to temporarily cut power lines and telephone lines in the tunnel.

The tunnel was dug from the basement of a newly rented, unused store. One witness said: “We all thought they were renovating the shop so we didn’t suspect anything and didn’t hear any strange noises.”

Page cablefreetv.org commented that despite good planning, the thieves did not have the technique to carry out their plot. Due to improper construction, not reinforcing the walls of the tunnel, during the excavation, the ground collapsed on top of one of the members.

His accomplices were unable to save him and were forced to call the emergency services. At first, the rescuers thought this was a joke when they answered the phone.

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