Doctor ‘green beret’ rehearsing emergency air transport in South Sudan

Blue beret doctor rehearsing emergency air transport in South Sudan - Photo 1.

BVDC 2.3’s air ambulance drills in the field at Helipad Helipad – Photo: TIEN PHUC

Information from Level 2 Field Hospital No. 3 (BVDC 2.3) of Vietnam, said that on September 15 at the Bentiu Mission (South Sudan), BVDC 2.3 and Level 1 Hospitals of many units stationed in the area desk and related organizations conduct emergency drills that may occur while on duty in the field under the joint direction of the Unity Division Commander.

This is an important activity to improve the ability to handle emergency situations and the coordination between units, departments, medical lines, as well as between medical staff with a focus on emergency transportation. airways of BVDC 2.3 for serious, life-threatening cases.

At exactly 8:30 a.m. local time, after receiving orders from the chief medical officer of the Mission, BVDC 2.3 Deputy Director Tran Dang Khoa asked BVDC 2.3’s AMET air ambulance team to fully prepare emergency equipment and supplies. The rescue team, wearing helmets and armor, initiates a field emergency air ambulance transport (CASEVAC) exercise, ready to go on duty to the designated location of the Helipad helipad.

After approaching the patient with situations of accidents, fighting, snakebites…, the AMET team performed first aid, transported the patient to a helicopter and transferred to BVDC for further treatment. 2.3.

In case the hospital’s treatment capacity is beyond the capacity of the hospital, the Operations Department quickly prepares documents, coordinates and communicates with units to transfer the patient to a higher level, which is the Level 2 plus field hospital of the hospital. India in the capital Juba also by helicopter.

With this approach, the transfer time to appropriate medical facilities is shortened. This is a decisive factor to the outcome of treatment, especially in cases requiring intervention during the golden period such as severe lesions.

At the end of the exercise, the staff of BVDC 2.3 were highly appreciated by the Commander in Chief for their serious attitude, high readiness to maneuver and professional level, handling situations in accordance with the issued procedures. , meeting the strict requirements of the United Nations.


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