Don’t wear a shirt that’s too big for your child

Don't wear a shirt that's too big for your child - Photo 1.

Master of Psychology Dang Hoang An – Photo: NVCC

One thing to note is that no matter how talented a child is, he or she develops physically and personality according to the general human process. In particular, the period of puberty and after puberty is quite important, the psychology of young people at this age is also complicated, so if they are not skillful, children and their relatives will have invisible distances.

According to Mr. An, being famous, early success easily makes children subjective and complacent, families sometimes do not anticipate the downside of this, leading to dependence and pressure on children.

Talking to the Home, Mr. An expressed:

– When children achieve certain results, the common mentality of parents and grandparents is to feel happy, proud, proud. But don’t let this emotion overwhelm reason, expecting more than a child’s ability puts pressure on children to achieve.

Encouraging children to develop their abilities and forte to achieve values ​​in life is necessary, but it is necessary to be moderate, appropriate and fit so that our children do not lose their breath in the wishes of adults.

Praise your child also do not be excessive, make the child feel like an important person, avoid letting the child carry the “star disease”.

* In recent years, there have been quite a few programs looking for child “stars”, aiming to discover the talents of young people everywhere, quite attracting the audience. Many parents also see this as a way to help their children become famous. In your opinion, this should not be?

– Searching for talents of young people to discover and foster is necessary. However, for children to enter the world of celebrities, promoting images on social networks to the point of lack of control will greatly affect their normal lives.

It can be said that everything has two sides. If the search for talent, training, and management of that talented person properly, that person’s capacity will be promoted.

On the contrary, it will cause children to be immersed in the aura and illusion of their popularity and talent, and then stop trying and trying to improve themselves (to cultivate both capacity, intelligence and self-improvement). morality).

In my opinion, a person who lacks or is weak in morality is more dangerous than a person who is not good or has no outstanding talent.

* There are many parents who often show off their children’s achievements on social networks for the reason of encouraging and praising their children. Is this correct?

– Showing off your child’s achievements online will bring more harm. As mentioned, it is this habit that creates pressure on children to work harder to please their parents. On the other hand, children’s personal information such as names, schools, and classes exposed in such an open space will most likely be captured by bad guys and unintentionally make their children unsafe.

Praise and encourage your child in many ways. These can be timely rewards when your child achieves certain achievements or results.

And that reward must bring spiritual value, more tools for children to study and practice, not be heavy on material things. I think of a course or a picnic in the spirit of learning more useful things from real life outside.

* There will be children who have outstanding abilities, are more gifted than others and succeed early. So what do your families need to do to help their children develop in the right direction and not fall into the situation of “premature blooming and dying”?

– If children succeed early, having outstanding abilities is a blessing, but the family must be happy in moderation, not exaggerating their talents or not wearing clothes that are too big for them.

If the child really has special talents, the family should send the child to the right school to develop in the right direction, comprehensively, including gifted, intellectual and moral. In my opinion, no matter how talented people are, the most important factor is still personality building and overall and harmonious development.

Emphasizing the role of the family is paramount, because this is the cradle for all human talents and personalities.

Therefore, parents need to patiently accompany their children – respect and listen to their children, especially respecting the individual identity and personality of each child; even when children have standard deviations, they do not have to be big, but need to be flexible; do not use parental authority to force children to obey them.

For me, the family is the first and safe educational environment. And the general principle in family education is to be flexible – flexible – oriented, not letting your child do whatever he wants.

Why do you keep forcing me to study? Why do you keep forcing me to study?

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