Duterte withdraws from the race for the Philippine Senate

Mr. Duterte withdrew from the race for the Philippine Senate - Photo 1.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte – Photo: REUTERS

“The President has withdrawn from the Senate elections,” spokesman James Jimenez of the Philippine Election Commission’s office confirmed on Twitter on December 14, a month after Mr. a senator.

Duterte’s presidency is expected to end in June 2022. He was banned from running for a second term.

The plan to contest a seat in the Philippine Senate is seen as Duterte’s attempt to maintain his political career. According to the law, there is currently a chance for Mr Duterte to replace another candidate but must be someone with the same last name, provided that person cannot run because of disqualification or death.

His daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio, is running for vice president, and his son, Sebastian Duterte, is running for mayor of Davao, a southern city in which his family holds a lot of power.

Mr. Duteter’s decision to withdraw comes hours after Senator Christopher Go, a longtime confidant of his, announced he was dropping out of the presidential race.

This is not the first time Duterte has changed his mind about political plans after the end of his term. In May 2021, he announced that he would run for vice president. But when polls showed him little support, he announced in October 2021 that he would “go back to the garden” before deciding to run for the senatorial seat the following month.


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