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Enrichment from herbs - Photo 1.

Duong Ngoc Truong (left) with a startup product from Befine essential oil – Photo: DNT

Suffering from that pain, he persistently pursued the production of essential oils from medicinal plants and herbs of Vietnam and brought consumers the purest natural products.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the essential oil factory of Mr. Duong Ngoc Truong (24 years old, general director of Befine Joint Stock Company) in Thanh Hoa did not stop but continued to develop new product lines such as mouthwash. Herbal mouthwash, healthy sauna essential oil sent to consumers.

Failure is still not discouraged

Before falling in love with essential oils, at the age of 17, Truong tried his hand at growing clean vegetables and making vermicelli but “not good at all”. Having a passion for herbs and medicinal plants, in 2017 the school decided to reserve the results of their studies in the lecture hall and returned home to start a business from the native lemongrass plant.

“At first when I went to buy it, people said that this lemongrass leaf was just thrown away, but I decided to buy it for my family with the requirement that lemongrass leaves are native, fresh, and carefully selected. Thanks for the collection. Buying lemongrass leaves has created income for local people, so everyone is very happy” – Truong recalled.

Finding the raw material area, in the early days he continuously roamed the road with more than 100km from his hometown to the factory in Chuong My (Hanoi) to experiment with extracting lemongrass essential oil. On a motorbike, Truong carried about 1 quintal of lemongrass leaves that looked “oversized”, patiently went back and forth many times to get the first samples of essential oils and offered them for sale.

During the trial period, Truong was passionate about learning and grasping the technology of extracting essential oils. Later, under the guidance and help of the brothers and sisters at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, he ordered to manufacture an essential oil extraction machine according to his own formula.

Successfully manufacturing machines, in 2017 Truong boldly invested and opened an essential oil factory located in Thanh Hoa. But in the first 6 months of trying, the new machine produced essential oils that did not meet the quality requirements. Each batch of essential oil tested costs tens of millions of dong. Truong was advised to try to sell to compensate for the investment costs in machinery and raw materials, but he insisted: “If selling poor quality goods will lose credibility from the beginning, it is better not to sell!”. With the batches of essential oils spoiled, he decided to throw them away.

Failed but not discouraged, the young man was determined to learn and research the formula for extracting essential oils from foreign documents. Wandering on forums to learn experiences from foreign experts, seeking the help of previous teachers and brothers and sisters, the School finally found a new path for itself: applying technology. low pressure low temperature essential oil extraction technology.

“It is also known as the technology of preserving essential oil components during the distillation process. When made, lemongrass essential oil has a sweet, natural aroma, the characteristic smell of Vietnamese lemongrass. When sold, the essential oil is sold. very popular with partners and customers” – School revealed Befine’s technological know-how.

Transparency in every step

“It can’t be done” – Truong remembers the encouragement of friends around the early days of starting a business. Seeing that their son had left the city to work as a farmer, Truong’s parents were very sad because they had only been attached to farming their whole life, but life was very hard.

Starting a business in the countryside often has advantages in terms of labor, investment costs for factories, abundant raw materials, but the most difficult thing is finding output for products. Also because at that time there were many essential oil products floating on the market that were being offered for sale at very cheap prices.

Knowing that it is impossible to compete on price, the school puts quality first, gradually building a reputation with partners who are large pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies that have the ability to test the quality of essential oils. Along with that, promoting the building of fanpage, online sales channel and e-commerce.

“Researching the market, I noticed many floating goods of unknown origin, so I decided to livestream or film, take photos of the local raw material area as well as the production process, trying to explain Since then, there have been partners in the Central and Southern regions who are interested because they can see the reality of production, not just empty advertising. They trust and order more” – School confidently shares.

During 3 years of persistently starting a business, actively producing and building brands, Truong’s essential oil products have built trust among consumers. Currently, Truong’s company has launched about 20 indigenous essential oils of Vietnam, which are distributed throughout the provinces and cities across the country. He continued to expand the scale of growing local medicinal plants and herbs and opened an office in Hanoi to promote products to consumers. Despite the difficult epidemic, the young man still did not stop researching and researching to launch new essential oil product lines to support health during the epidemic season.

Not stopping at business, the 9X guy is still concerned about environmental protection activities with the initiative of collecting used bottles from customers and recycling them.

Despite his young age, Duong Ngoc Truong has had nearly 6 years of pursuing a career path right from his student days. He believes that in order to prepare well for starting a business, young people need to practice their emotions, bravery and calmly face challenges, learn communication skills, master business knowledge and legal issues. physical.

“At the same time, prepare the provision in advance because starting a business will face a lot of risks, especially for startups in a new field that no one has explored yet” – Truong said.

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